The largest Planned Parenthood in Iowa received an earth-shattering blow

Planned Parenthood is proud of their long record of committing abortions.

And while these giant abortion providers are used to having free reign to usher in vulnerable moms through their doors . . . 

. . . the largest Planned Parenthood in Iowa just received an earth-shattering blow. 

Planned Parenthood forced to shut down

Pro-Lifers in Iowa are celebrating a massive victory for life now that the largest Planned Parenthood in their state was forced to shut its doors for good.

Executive Director of Pulse Life Advocates (PLA) Maggie DeWitte celebrated the massive Pro-Life victory and said in a statement to LifeSite News “We are overjoyed at the closing of the Planned Parenthood clinic on the southside of Des Moines.”

She continued “Pulse Life Advocates, Iowa’s longest-standing, statewide, pro-life organization, has organized hundreds of prayer vigils at this clinic over the years since its founding in 1972. We know the power of prayer and so many Iowans have lifted up thousands of prayers for the closure of this clinic. Women will no longer be harmed and babies will no longer be killed at this location and we are thanking and praising God for this victory!”

Faithful Pro-Lifers don’t always see the fruit of their labor – but in this case they did as another Planned Parenthood was forced to close its doors for good.

More work to be done

While closing the doors of Planned Parenthood is a massive win, there is still more work that needs to be done.

Unborn babies in Iowa are still losing their lives at the hands of cruel abortionists, and they must be stopped.

Planned Parenthood isn’t phased at the latest Pro-Life victory because they will simply direct women to other abortion centers. 

DeWitte acknowledged the fight for life is far from over in Iowa and said “But while we celebrate this win, we look to the other abortion mills operating in Iowa and will turn our efforts toward getting those closed as well. And we will continue to pray, educate, and take action until we no longer have abortion in our state and in our country,” LifeSite News reported.

And she’s exactly right. 

Every Pro-Life victory is worth celebrating – but as long as unborn babies continue to be killed, the work from Pro-Lifers is far from over.

A way forward for the abortion lobby

While more abortion providers will be forced to close their doors, the abortion lobby has a backup plan.

They are working around the clock to push abortion drugs to vulnerable and pregnant moms.

Pro-aborts hope that abortion drugs will be the new norm to help moms kill their babies.

And if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have their way – these deadly pills will do just that. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.