The latest “abortion holiday” will leave you red with rage

Guilhem Vellut from Annecy, France, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The abortion lobby is always looking for new ways to celebrate killing unborn babies.

In a shocking move, they even created an official “abortion holiday” to rejoice in the loss of innocent life.

And once you hear the details of the latest “abortion holiday” you will be red with rage.

The new bloody “hallmark” holiday

Every time an unborn baby loses its life at the hands of a cruel abortionist, it is truly a tragedy.

But according to the abortion lobby – abortion is a “safe” event that should be cherished and celebrated.

September 28 is now considered the “International Safe Abortion Day” – spanning 85 different countries.

The website boasts that on this deadly day “activists around the world take action and speak out for the right to safe abortion” claiming each action is “bold, brave, and creative.”

Demands of the abortion lobby

The online pro-abortion toolkit is laced with anti-life propaganda including their “demands” which state they want to “decriminalize abortion” and “implement and ensure access to abortion care through telehealth services and self-managed methods”.

As if a woman managing her own abortion is somehow “empowering”.

The ridiculous list of demands includes pro-LGBT language such as wanting “accessible and inclusive abortion care systems for all women, girls, transmen, and all gender-diverse people who may need an abortion.”

As crazy as this “list of demands” sounds – there are many groups backing the “International Safe Abortion Day” like the World Health Organization.

No – abortion isn’t a “human right”

The World Health Organization claims abortion is a “human right” – but nothing could be further from the truth.

A true human right is the right to be born!

Pro-Life groups blasted the ridiculous “holiday” pointing out how abortion is anything but “safe.”

Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Education and Research at Human Life International wrote “The World Health Organization purports to promote ‘the fundamental importance of access to safe abortion care for the health’ of women and girls.”

He continued “Labeling any abortion as ‘safe’ is oxymoronic – the abortionist’s job is to kill one of those in his care. This is an extremist campaign equivalent to promoting National Beat Your Children Day,” reported Live Action.

The darkness of the abortion industry

Celebrating the killing of an innocent baby is truly unconscionable.

Yet the abortion lobby will continue to lie to women – telling them abortion is “safe” and “empowering”.

Of course, once a woman has an abortion and is left with a battered body and downcast spirit, it’s the Pro-Lifers who will continue to walk alongside her.

It’s not “pro woman” to violently rip a baby out of a mother’s womb and then name a holiday to celebrate the vicious act.

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