The latest legal challenge against so-called “buffer zones” is a victory for Pro-Lifers across America

Photo by Anthony Garand from Unsplash

The abortion lobby has stepped up their game and is now using the law to silence Pro-Lifers.

And in one city, pro-aborts were determined to silence Pro-Lifers for good . . . 

. . . but they never expected a legal challenge that ended in a major victory for Pro-Lifers all across America.

The unconstitutional use of “buffer zones”

The Constitution guarantees Americans the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

Yet the abortion lobby can’t stand the sight of peaceful Pro-Lifers praying outside of abortion clinics and encouraging women to choose life.

So in a blatant violation of freedom – pro-abortion activists are working overtime to ban Pro-Lifers from getting anywhere near abortion slaughterhouses.

And in the city of Minneapolis, City Council members voted to enact a “safety zone” around abortion facilities to keep Pro-Lifers away.

Even more obnoxious, they bragged about it.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey had the audacity to host a press conference and boast about his latest victory to silence Pro-Lifers.

Frey said “This is a really important day, as the Security in Reproductive Healthcare ordinance has just passed the council unanimously,” reported Live Action.

“We in Minneapolis believe that abortion is part of healthcare. We want to make sure that people around the country and specifically in Minneapolis have safe access without obstruction or intrusion to get that necessary reproductive healthcare that they deserve,” Frey continued with his rant.

Pro-Lifers stand up to pro-abortion thugs

The Thomas More Society represented Pro-Life Action Ministries and filed a lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis to fight back against the unconstitutional mandate.

Under Minneapolis City Code Pro-Lifers are prohibited from entering even the public sidewalk portion of an abortion facility driveway.

This extreme anti-life discrimination violates the freedom of speech of peaceful Pro-Lifers.

Thomas More Society lawyer Erick Kaardal agreed and issued a statement which said “The ministry of pro-life sidewalk counseling is a peaceful interaction with pregnant women to convey life-affirming alternatives to abortion.” 

He continued “Yet the City of Minneapolis has specifically enacted an ordinance designed to prevent any success at conducting this peaceful interaction by Pro-Life Action Ministries, its staff members or volunteers, and any others involved in similar activities. And, the young pregnant woman constitutionally loses by not getting the information she may want.”

A partial victory for life

A federal judge rejected a portion of the suit – but he did allow it to move forward on the “freedom-of-speech, free exercise of religion, and overbreadth claims” grounds.

U.S. District Court Judge Eric C. Tostrud ruled: it would be premature to dismiss the overbreadth challenge at the pleadings stage,” reported Catholic Review.

While not a total victory just yet – at least the suit has a chance to move forward.

And the good news is, Pro-Lifers are not just expecting the unconstitutional mandate – they are fighting back on behalf of the rights of all Pro-Lifers across the country to speak life. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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