The latest luxury destination vacation marketing gimmick will make you steaming mad

Photo by Ross Parmly from Unsplash

The abortion industry has a new marketing gimmick and it’s downright horrifying.

Hoping to “glamourize” abortion – a new trend of “vacation abortions” is popping up all around the country.

And once you hear the details of the latest abortion destination “vacation” – it will make you steaming mad. 

Fly to Cancun to kill your baby

Who doesn’t love a relaxing vacation on the beach soaking in the sunshine? 

The abortion industry knows beach vacations are a coveted destination experience – so they are seeking to lure women to take an “abortion vacation.”

As more states are banning abortion, pro-aborts are encouraging women to simply hop on a plane and fly to Mexico.

Mother Jones wrote a disgusting article promoting the trend referring to abortion as “reproductive health migration”. 

And the new opening of the Cancun abortion facility, Marie Stopes International (MSI), almost guarantees more babies will die.

MSI Regional Director Araceli Lopez Nava Vázquez said “You have a lot more direct flights to Cancun than to any other city in Mexico. That was an important thing for us to consider…. We’re aiming to help more American women,” STAT News reported.

“Helping” American women = dead babies

While MSI claims they are “helping” American women . . .

. . . all they are doing is ensuring more babies will die.

MSI boasts they aim to perform about 15 abortions per day.

But so-called abortion “vigilantes” are determined to help American women kill their babies however they can.

Whether smuggling drugs across the border – or luring women to Mexico for a “comfortable” abortion experience – nothing is too extreme for them. 

Abortion vacations are the new trend

Pro-lifers warn about the danger from the latest abortion vacation trend.

Alison González, operations manager for ConParticipación (a Pro-Life platform), sounded the alarm and said “It’s unfortunate that instead of addressing the crises that many pregnant women are going through, companies seek to profit from the pain and desperation of many women,” Catholic News Agency reported.

“It’s easy to imagine that Cancun could be an ‘ideal place’ to receive American women where, for a cost similar to what they would pay to travel to another U.S. state, they can travel to Cancun, romanticizing a terrible deed such as an abortion procedure,” González continued.

But there’s nothing “romantic” about killing an unborn baby.

Despite the efforts of the abortion lobby to appeal to young girls luring them to Mexico with a cheap flight and an all-inclusive hotel package while they abort their babies – killing a baby is still murder – whether on the beach in Mexico or in a Planned Parenthood facility in the States.

The abortion lobby will stop at nothing to increase their killings – and Pro-Lifers must continue to sound the alarm and tell women the truth and danger of abortion. 

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