The latest plan to allow abortion through birth will leave you red with rage

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Pro-abortion politicians are determined to ram through anti-life legislation.

In fact, they are practically tripping over each other to see who can introduce the most radical abortion legislation America has ever seen.

And the latest plan to allow abortion through birth will leave you red with rage.

States are envious of Ohio’s new pro-abortion status 

When the once Pro-Life state of Ohio turned into one of the most pro-abortion states in America – other states sought to copy the Ohio blueprint.

Pro-Lifers warned of the disastrous consequences should abortion in Ohio be legalized up until birth.

But the Ohio ballot initiative funded by out-of-state special interest groups tricked enough voters into agreeing to kill more unborn babies.

And now, states around the country are gearing up to introduce their own ballot initiative to expand abortion in their state too.

The coalition of death

A group of the most vile and rabid pro-abortion advocates in Nebraska gathered together determined to find a way to kill more unborn babies.

They decided to file language for a petition with the Nebraska secretary of state seeking to get a ballot initiative to the voters that would enshrine abortion into Nebraska’s constitution. 

The pro-abortion coalition is composed of pro-abortion groups like ACLU of Nebraska, I Be Black Girl, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska, the Women’s Fund of Omaha, and Nebraska Appleseed.

Seeing the success in Ohio – they hope to replicate the same “victory” making Nebraska the next abortion destination.

In a statement, the coalition said “We’ve filed ballot initiative language to ensure Nebraskans can get the care they need with compassion and privacy, and without government interference,” reported Omaha World Herald

 “We know that Nebraska lawmakers won’t stop until they’ve completely stripped Nebraskans of their access to essential abortion care, which is why it’s time to protect our rights,” the statement continued.

While the exact language of the initiative has not yet been disclosed – it’s bound to be just as bad as Ohio’s – if not worse. 

Pro-Lifers can’t sit on their hands

Pro-Life Ohioans got crushed during the election – as not enough Pro-Lifers stood up to fight back.

Even though the abortion lobby is well-funded and determined to enshrine abortion into every state constitution – Pro-Lifers should not give up the fight.

Conservative Pro-Lifers need to get the word out and ban together to stop the radical abortion ballot initiatives that are sweeping through the country.

Pro-aborts are relentless and they will not stop until abortion is allowed anywhere, at any time, and during any length of a woman’s pregnancy.

Pro-Lifers are the last line of defense for unborn babies who deserve the right to be born and can’t yet fight for themselves. 

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