The latest proposed “transgender” surgery to help men get pregnant will leave you red with rage 

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Some biological men claim they feel “discriminated” against because they can’t have babies.

But instead of endorsing science, medical “experts” are proposing an insane new “transgender” surgery – and they want you to pay for it.

And the latest proposed “transgender” plan to help biological men get pregnant is so insane it will leave you red with rage. 

Uterus transplants for men

The AMA wants to help biological men have babies . . .

. . . so they’ve suggested a path forward – and they want taxpayers to foot the bill.

If the AMA gets their way, biological males who “want to become pregnant” can receive a uterus transplant – which can cost as much as $300,000.

Absolute insanity. 

In their article, the AMA claimed “Transwomen lack a trait (the ability to bear children) that may cause them to experience psychological dissonance in a way that undermines their health and well-being,” reported The Daily Mail

As if a $300,000 procedure that takes 18 months to insert female parts into a male’s body won’t cause psychological dissonance!?

Biological men want to become pregnant

As crazy as the idea is, the AMA fully supports the process.

“The lack of a uterus also closes off the prospect of gestating a child in a way that is available to women as a class. It follows that lack of a uterus is an obstacle to full participation in the social goods attached to women’s identity,” read the AMA article.

But the entire point is women were born with certain biological traits – just like men were.

This intentional design of the female and male body has been around from the beginning of time.

Every country around the world knows only women can become pregnant and give birth.

But the LGBT hysteria has now led actual “professionals” to scheme up ways to “help men” have babies.

Critics fire back

“Rather than funding objective medical studies on transgender medicine, the AMA has chosen activist positions on this delicate topic,” Dr. Martin Makary, professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, told the Washington Examiner

“Why don’t they fund a study on the 10-year regret rate of children who undergo transitioning surgery? What is the suicide rate among those who undergo aggressive hormone or surgical treatment versus long-term talk therapy?” continued Dr. Makary. 

Because telling the truth that those who go through “transgender” treatments often become suicidal and depressed doesn’t help the LGBT narrative.

They don’t care about the aftermath of the lives that are destroyed and ruined because some doctor mutilated a healthy body or poisoned it with hormone drugs.

The only thing LGBT activists care about is pushing their agenda – and they’ll use every tool at their disposal to do it – and make the American taxpayers pay for it if they can. 

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