The Left hijacked a so-called “Catholic” health system to do their bidding

Radical leftists have infiltrated every institution in America.

And their dominance in the healthcare system is harming innocent people in record numbers.  

But now the Left stooped to a new low and hijacked a so-called “Catholic” health system to do their bidding.

“Medically necessary” abortions

As the fight for life rages on – hospitals are on the front lines having to deal with women coming in for abortions.

While religious hospitals are generally Pro-Life – that’s not always the case.

Mercy Health has defended their position to allow abortions if a doctor deems an abortion is “medically necessary”.

Even more insulting, they’ve claimed allowing abortion is somehow “compassionate.”


In a statement to 21 News, Public Relations and Communications Manager for Mercy Health Jennifer Robinson said “Our health system, like many other national health systems, spans multiple states and adheres to the applicable laws in each where we operate. While the legislative environment is complex, our Mission compels us to provide compassionate care for all.”

Compassionate care does not mean ripping an innocent baby from its mother’s womb!

Abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a mother.

Medical interventions are sometimes needed during a complex pregnancy.

But never abortion. 

But Mercy Health disagrees, and claims they will back the doctors and staff who choose to abort babies.  

“In emergent patient care situations, when providers and medical teams prioritize patient care and follow hospital policies and medical standards of care in good faith, they can expect the support of Bon Secours Mercy Health,” Robinson continued. 

Real Catholics don’t kill babies

While leftists and so-called “Catholics” like Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden might think it’s okay to kill unborn babies . . .

. . . it strictly goes against Catholic doctrine.

Catholics are Pro-Life, because the Catholic Church is Pro-Life.

Those who adhere to Catholic principles are known for standing up for the sanctity of life at the moment of conception . . .

. . . because it’s what the Catholic Church teaches.

To mock the sacred faith shared by so many Catholics and use a Catholic hospital to perform abortions is disgraceful.

But it’s what the Left does.

Joining the dark side

There are countless politicians who profess to be “Catholic” yet support abortion.

As Pro-Life Press previously reported, U.S. Senator Bob Casey abandoned his once Pro-Life position and is now pro-abortion – and proud. 


And while President Biden clearly supports abortion, he changes his tune depending on the crowd he’s standing before.

Last year, Biden said “I’m a practicing Catholic. I’m not big on abortion, but guess what? Roe vs. Wade got it right,” The Hill reported.

Except Roe v. Wade did not get it right.

And Biden can boast that he’s a “practicing Catholic” just as much as Mercy Health can pretend to be a “Catholic” hospital . . .

. . . but real Catholics don’t believe in slaughtering unborn babies because true Catholics are unapologetically Pro-Life.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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