The lengths Planned Parenthood went to cover up this life-threatening incident will horrify you

Photo by Jonnica Hill from Unsplash

Pro-lifers know the horrors that happen in abortion clinics. 

That’s why they line the sidewalks outside their doors, praying for an end to the atrocities committed inside. 

And the lengths Planned Parenthood went to cover up this life-threatening incident will horrify you.

In yet another alarming incident at a Planned Parenthood facility, a 25-year-old woman in North Carolina found herself in a life-threatening situation, revealing a pattern of neglect that is cause for serious concern

On October 19, Planned Parenthood Chapel Hill made a distressing call to 911 as a young woman exhibited symptoms of an allergic reaction after a procedure. 

Operation Rescue, dedicated to monitoring and exposing abortion industry malpractices, obtained the 911 recording, shedding light on the concerning details of the incident.

The Planned Parenthood staffer, despite acknowledging the severity of the situation, prioritized discretion over the patient’s well-being. 

The woman, showing signs of anaphylactic shock, had developed hives all over her body. 

The staffer reported her pulse at an alarming 144, coupled with a low blood pressure of 85/57. 

Despite treating her for an allergic reaction, the distressing symptoms persisted, leaving the patient groggy and in immediate need of medical attention.

The most alarming part of the call? 

The staffer requested an ambulance without sirens. 

More important to them than the health of their patient was the desperate need for discretion.

The staffer’s request for an ambulance without sirens reflected Planned Parenthood’s attempt to keep the incident under wraps. 

However, the dispatcher, recognizing the gravity of the situation, insisted on an emergent response. 

Anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction, can quickly escalate to a life-threatening condition if not addressed promptly. 

The incident, marked by Planned Parenthood’s secrecy, raises questions about the organization’s priorities when faced with medical emergencies.

This distressing occurrence marks the fourth known medical emergency at this particular Planned Parenthood facility in the span of a year. 

Additionally, the facility is under investigation for a botched abortion in January, further highlighting a concerning pattern of negligence that jeopardizes the lives of women seeking care.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, expressed dismay at the lack of accountability from North Carolina state officials. 

While the state has implemented common-sense safety regulations and limitations on abortion, the enforcement of these laws remains questionable. 

Newman emphasized the need for officials to actively hold abortion clinics accountable for their practices, especially in light of repeated emergencies.

“North Carolina did well to limit abortion in the state and create new common sense safety regulations that supposedly went into effect this summer,” Newman remarked. “However, laws are only as strong as the willingness to enforce them.”

Planned Parenthood’s willingness to compromise patient safety for the sake of discretion is a disturbing revelation. 

The organization’s actions, coupled with the apparent lack of regulatory oversight, underscore the urgency for pro-life Americans to advocate for the protection of women’s lives in the face of negligence within the abortion industry. 

The alarming frequency of medical emergencies demands a thorough investigation and accountability measures to ensure the well-being of vulnerable women is prioritized over an agenda of secrecy.

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