The New York Times revealed a disturbing trend among Republican candidates in the eight most competitive Senate races

Democrats are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to push the abortion issue in the key races that will determine which Party controls Congress next year.

While Democrats are united on abortion, Republican candidates seem ready to sell out on the issue completely.

And The New York Times revealed a disturbing trend among Republican candidates in the eight most competitive Senate races.

There’s only five months left until the November elections.

Most Americans are focused on the Presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

But control of Congress is also up for grabs this fall.

Republicans are defending their majority in the House and trying to take it from Democrats in the Senate.

Democrats currently hold a razor-thin majority in the Senate.

And they’re facing a tough cycle, as 23 of the 34 Senate seats up for election this fall are held by Democrats.

But many of the GOP candidates running in swing Senate races are trying to appease the Democrats and the media on abortion.

Several Republican members of Congress and GOP leaders around the country have refused to say if they support abortion limits.

And now eight GOP candidates for Senate are flip-flopping on abortion.

According to an article published by The New York Times, titled, Republicans in Key Senate Races Are Flip-Flopping on Abortion, a handful of Republicans who “used to embrace anti-abortion views” are “shifting their positions.”

The GOP candidates are Bernie Moreno in Ohio, David McCormick in Pennsylvania, Larry Hogan in Maryland, Mike Rogers in Michigan, Eric Hovde in Wisconsin, Kari Lake in Arizona, Tim Sheehy in Montana, and Sam Brown in Nevada.

“Republican candidates in all eight of the country’s most competitive Senate races have changed their approach on the issue of abortion, softening their rhetoric, shifting their positions and, in at least one case, embracing policies championed by Democrats,” The New York Times reported. “From Michigan to Maryland, Republicans are trying to repackage their views to defang an issue that has hurt their party at the ballot box since the Supreme Court overturned federal abortion rights,” The Times continued. “While the pivot is endemic across races in swing states, the most striking shifts have come from candidates who unsuccessfully ran for the Senate just two years ago in their home states, with abortion views that sounded very different.”

The Times highlighted how each of the candidates have changed their position on abortion.

In 2022, Moreno described himself as “absolute pro-life, no exceptions.”

But “he has since softened his position” and now only supports a 15-week ban on abortion.

David McCormick said in 2022 that he believed in exceptions in the “very rare instances” when the mother’s life was in danger.

Now he’s urging Republicans to “find common ground” with Democrats on abortion.

He even removed the “life begins at conception” language from his campaign website.

“And in Wisconsin, Eric Hovde, a Republican Senate candidate who in 2012 told reporters he was ‘totally opposed’ to abortion, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, now says women have a ‘right to make a choice’ early in a pregnancy,” The Times reported.

Republicans are going out of their way to appease the abortion lobby.

But this never works.

Compromising on abortion has always been a losing strategy for Republicans.

But apparently GOP candidates still haven’t learned their lesson.

And they’re preparing to throw pro-life voters under the bus.

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