Photo by Kseniya Safronova from Unsplash

The last thing most people would believe is that a diaper company has pro-abortion motives.

It seems unfathomable that a company that produces products for little boys and girls would support pro-abortion giants like Planned Parenthood.

But the pro-abortion secrets these companies didn’t want you to know have been uncovered and they will undoubtedly have you seeing red.

In a world where the sanctity of life is under constant threat, a beacon of hope emerges with EveryLife Diaper Company, leading a pro-life revolution in the most unexpected place: diaper care.

In an exclusive interview with EWTN Pro-Life Weekly host Prudence Robertson, Chief Creative Officer of EveryLife Diaper Company, Kellie Crowe, revealed the shocking truth about popular household diaper brands like Huggies and Pampers, sparking a nationwide discussion among pro-life advocates.

Crowe unveiled disturbing facts about industry giants: Huggies had a history of matching employee contributions to Planned Parenthood, and both Pampers and Luvs, subsidiaries of Procter & Gamble, funded their employees’ out-of-state abortion procedures.

These revelations shed light on the dark underbelly of the corporate world, where companies responsible for nurturing babies’ comfort openly supported their termination in the womb.

EveryLife Diaper Company, founded on the belief that every baby is a divine miracle deserving love, protection, and support, decided to take a bold stand against the pro-abortion sentiment infiltrating corporate America.

Their mission goes beyond providing quality diapers; it extends to investing in communities, particularly in underserved areas.

By partnering with pregnancy resource centers and responding to urgent needs, EveryLife Diaper Company ensures that mothers facing financial challenges receive the support they need, combating one of the primary reasons cited for choosing abortion: financial strain.

The company has pioneered a unique initiative, allowing people to purchase diapers for special causes listed on their website.

Every diaper purchased goes toward donating diapers to organizations in need, promoting their mission and actively assisting mothers and babies in crisis.

Notably, EveryLife Diaper Company recently donated over 100,000 diapers to Maui following devastating wildfires, showcasing their commitment to aiding communities in times of crisis.

In an exciting development, professional surfer and mother Bethany Hamilton has joined EveryLife as a brand ambassador, amplifying their pro-life message to a wider audience.

Their plans for expansion include introducing new products, ensuring families have diverse options to align their purchases with their values.

In a world where pro-abortion sentiments infiltrate even the most intimate aspects of parenting, EveryLife Diaper Company stands as a testament to the power of pro-life values.

As October marks Respect Life month, it is a time for parents to make conscious choices, ensuring their hard-earned money supports causes aligned with their beliefs.

EveryLife Diaper Company offers a lifeline, empowering parents to protect the sanctity of life from the very start, one diaper at a time.

Every life is a divine gift meant to be cherished, and thanks to EveryLife Diaper Company, parents now have a choice that aligns with their pro-life convictions.

As we celebrate trailblazers in the pro-life community, EveryLife Diapers shines as a beacon of hope, reminding us that even in the seemingly mundane world of diaper care, the fight for life rages on.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.