The radical Left is celebrating how Donald Trump just stabbed Pro-Lifers in the back

Thanks to Donald Trump, Republicans are at each other’s throats when it comes to protecting life.

Smug leftists are sitting back enjoying the show as so-called “conservatives” attack one another.

And now, the radical Left is celebrating how Donald Trump just stabbed Pro-Lifers in the back. 

The Left applauds Trump 

Leftists hate Donald Trump – but they love it when he does their bidding.

Joe Biden has made it clear pushing abortion is one of his top issues . . . 

. . . and Donald Trump is helping Biden achieve that goal.

While Pro-Life states continue to work overtime to solidify solid Pro-Life protections into their state constitutions – Trump continues to criticize every Pro-Life victory.

When Florida banned abortion after a detectable heartbeat, Trump called it “too extreme.”

And when the Arizona Supreme Court issued a ruling to make abortion a felony – Trump told Arizona reporters it went “too far” and claimed it would be “straightened out.”

While real conservatives were quick to call out Trump – weak moderates backed up Trump’s statement invoking an internal GOP civil war.

And liberals busted out the popcorn to watch.

Trump’s miscalculated strategy

Donald Trump is scrambling to play both sides against each other.

Trump hopes conservative Pro-Lifers will remember how he helped overturn Roe v. Wade and that this victory will be enough to earn their vote.

At the same time, Trump continues to throw bones to moderate Republicans and independents pretending he is not “extreme” when it comes to protecting life.

Of course, Kamala Harris and the radical Left could care less if Trump tries to water down his Pro-Life stance – they still hate him – and they will use everything he says against him.

At a campaign event in Arizona, Harris continued to bash Trump, “Donald Trump is the architect of this health-care crisis. And that’s not a fact he hides. In fact, he brags about it,” Harris told the crowd.

“And now, Trump wants us to believe he will not sign a national ban. Enough with the gaslighting. Enough with the gaslighting,” Harris said as her base applauded. 

Trump’s moderate stance doesn’t gain him voters – it just ensures he will ultimately lose in November as conservative Pro-Lifers will no longer support him.

The Left celebrates chaos in the GOP

Republican politicians and pundits hope to make a name for themselves, so they are speaking out either for or against Trump’s comments.

And while moderate Republicans and conservatives attack one another – the Left only grows stronger.

Donald Trump sold out his conservative base, yet again.

And while his latest snub to Pro-Lifers will likely cost him the election – Joe Biden and Democrats are rejoicing with glee that Trump just ensured they will get another four years in the White House to implement their final anti-life agenda. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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