The reason this Christian man was sentenced to prison will leave you outraged

The abortion lobby is sick and tired of Christians helping pregnant moms choose life.

So, in an insane attempt to silence Pro-Lifers – they did the unthinkable.

And the reason this Christian man was sentenced to prison will leave you outraged. 

An elderly man arrested

72-year-old Stephen Green is a Christian preacher who loves the Lord.

Out of his love for Jesus, he is staunchly Pro-Life and not afraid to stand for life in the ever-growing culture of death.

But apparently, being a Christian and speaking for life is a crime in Wales.

And now he faces severe punishment after a UK Judge found Green guilty for holding a large sign outside of an abortion clinic that said, “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb,” BBC reported. 

Since abortion providers in Wales are protected with a buffer area around their buildings banning Pro-Lifers from entering their make-believe “safe zone” – Green could be punished. 

District Judge Kathryn Verghis claimed Green pointedly and intentionally wrote the words “in my mother’s womb” and so he should be punished. 

Well, of course he wrote those words! Because that’s exactly what the Bible says.

Verghis acknowledged Green was peaceful but since he was holding it in the “safe zone” she claimed the protest was “an expression of disapproval as envisaged by the order”.

Annihilating free speech

Green was fined $3,000 and given a 12-month conditional discharge.

He intends to appeal the conviction on the grounds of free speech – which he absolutely should!

The make-believe “buffer zones” are only designed to silence Pro-Lifers.

Abortion activists are allowed to speak out against life whenever and wherever they want – but if anyone dares to challenge the abortion narrative they are punished.

Speaking out against his charge, Green said “I see this prosecution as an attack on the Bible and free speech. I am determined to defend myself and fight for justice,” Live Action News reported.

Silencing Pro-Lifers everywhere

If the abortion lobby has their way – Christians everywhere will be banned from speaking out against abortion.

While Green lives in the UK – abortion “buffer zones” are starting to appear in left-wing cities all across America.

In Chicago, abortion “buffer zones” prevent Pro-Lifers from going within a certain distance of their doors. 

After all, the abortion lobby knows sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors often speak with vulnerable and scared pregnant moms headed into abortion clinics . . .

. . . and as a result, these women choose life. 

If sidewalk counselors and Pro-Lifers weren’t effective at stopping abortions – the abortion lobby wouldn’t give them a second thought.

But as the battle for life rages on, Christians should be prepared to face persecution simply for speaking out for life. 

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