The shocking actions of the so-called “abortion fairy” will leave you speechless

UP9, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A disturbing new trend of so-called “abortion vigilantes” continues to pick up momentum around the world. 

Instead of helping pregnant moms, these “vigilantes” cause more damage.

And the shocking actions of a woman who calls herself the “abortion fairy” will leave you speechless.

More trauma for Ukrainian refugees 

Ukrainian refugees are already traumatized after being forced to flee their homes because Valdmir Putin is a madman.

Refugee women and children are especially vulnerable and need extra protection and guidance.

But Ukrainian Nastya Podorozhnya thinks helping women get abortions is the path to healing – and so she launched an unthinkable program.

Named after her niece, Podorozhnya launched “Martynka” which helps vulnerable women gain access to “legal and safe abortions”.

As if ripping an unborn baby from a woman’s body will somehow provide healing.

Poland’s Pro-Life laws infuriate Planned Parenthood

In Poland, unborn children are protected unless a mother’s life is at risk or a woman is pregnant from sexual assault.

Planned Parenthood is furious Ukrainian refuges who are in Poland can’t kill their babies at will, and Podorozhnya claimed Ukrainian women were “shocked” to learn how their “reproductive rights” were stifled in Poland. 

And Pro-abortion activist Niko Doroshenko claims it’s a “nightmare” Ukrainian women find out they can’t abort their babies at will.

She uses Martynka to help these women find ways to skirt around the Pro-Life laws in Poland.

Doroshenko said “They think they’ve arrived in a safe country, that they fled the nightmare – but their nightmare continues,” reported France 24.

“We don’t help in abortions as such. We only provide information about legal and safe abortion – or put women in touch with non-profit that help carry it out,” Doroshenko continued. 

Of course, getting an abortion is the furthest thing from “safe.” 

There are countless stories of women who survived botched abortions who have had their bodies forever mutilated and destroyed.

Not to mention the extreme emotional duress women experience once they comprehend, they helped end the life of their precious baby. 

The “abortion fairy” is really the “grim reaper” 

Abortion activists like Podorozhnya might think calling herself an “abortion fairy” is a badge of honor.

But in reality, she is bringing more death and destruction to a group of women who are already vulnerable and traumatized.

Helping a mother kill her own child isn’t courageous or noble – it’s dark and demonic.

Instead of helping Ukrainian refuges find peace and refuge in a safe place – this “abortion fairy” is only causing more death and decay.

Pregnant moms need emotional, physical, and spiritual support . . . 

. . . not abortion vigilantes exploiting them in their most vulnerable state to spread their anti-life agenda.

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