The shocking actions of these self-professed “abortion vigilantes” will leave you speechless

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An underground network of abortion activists have gone rogue and completely off the grid.

Determined to help women kill their babies, they’ve turned to illegal activity and hide their actions under a cloak of secrecy. 

And just wait until you hear the shocking actions these self-professed “abortion vigilantes” have done to provide universal access to abortion. 

Smuggling in drugs from Mexico to abort babies in America

These “abortion vigilantes” don’t care why a woman wants to kill her baby.

They don’t even care how she gets it done, or what the Pro-Life laws in her state allow.

All they care about is playing a role to help women get the abortion pills they need by any means necessary.

In Mexico, abortion drugs are available over the counter, and some pro-aborts in Mexico are using their “abortion freedom” to help American women kill their babies. 

Veronica Cruz Sanchez is the executive director of Las Libres, an organization who boasts they are a “Mexican feminist organization that promotes and defends women’s human rights and universal access to abortion.” 

Las Libres provides the abortion drugs for free, and Cruz organizes hundreds of volunteers to take the pills over the border from Mexico to surrounding U.S. states, reported The Daily Beast.

“Transgender” drug smugglers 

In addition to international drug smuggling of abortion pills, there are those right here in America helping facilitate the underground network.

Their main goal is to help women in Pro-Life states have access to abortion pills regardless of what the laws of their state govern. 

One person who goes by the name “Denny” and uses the pronouns “they/them” claims that “What’s legal and what’s right are two different things.”

“It is about: What do you want and need? What will make you feel safe? If what will make them feel safe is getting out of state to a clinic, I’ll help them. If what will make them feel safe is taking pills at home, I’ll help them,” Denny unapologetically declared to The Daily Beast.

The end justifies the means

Of course – abortion activists never play their scenarios out all the way through.

They don’t care that an underage girl might be taking an abortion drug at the coercing of her human trafficker to kill her baby.

When women are hurled over and bleeding profusely in the bathroom from these deadly drugs, these abortion “vigilantes” are nowhere to be found.

Besides the fact that abortion drugs kill an innocent baby, it’s doubtful pills smuggled over from Mexico by a “volunteer” are safe for a woman’s body.

But all the abortion industry cares about is furthering their agenda while pretending to do it under the guise of “helping women.”

Truly helping a pregnant woman means walking alongside her and directing her to resources so she knows she isn’t alone.

Being pro-woman is supporting a woman before, during, and after her pregnancy – not using international drugs to help her kill her own baby. 

As more Pro-Life states continue to pass life-saving legislation, we can expect to see an increase in self-proclaimed “abortion vigilantes” trying to destroy Pro-Life victories by pushing abortion drugs onto vulnerable women. 

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