The shocking reason Planned Parenthood supports child marriage will leave you sick to your stomach

Robin Marty, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Child marriage is a horrific and barbaric practice that exploits vulnerable children.

But of course, Planned Parenthood supports it.

And once you hear the shocking reason why Planned Parenthood supports child marriage, you’ll be sick to your stomach.

It’s all about the money

Planned Parenthood thrives off of killing innocent babies and enjoys the “benefit” of making a quick buck doing so. 

Everything they do is centered around exploiting vulnerable women and children – convincing them that abortion is their only option.

Whether it’s a scared pregnant teen entering through their doors – or a mom with children – it’s all the same to Planned Parenthood.

Any chance they get, Planned Parenthood will joyfully kill unborn babies and boast about it.

But child marriage?

And just when you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t sink any lower – they did.

Lawmakers in California have been working to end the horrific child marriage practice that is still legal – yet Planned Parenthood is actually fighting against it.

Yes, that’s right – Planned Parenthood is advocating to keep child marriage legal in California.

While many states tragically still allow child marriage, states like California not only allow it but don’t have minimum age requirements like other states.

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California spokesperson Jennifer Wonnacott said it “strongly supports protecting youth from abuse of all kinds” yet claimed those protections should “not impede on the reproductive rights of minors and their ability to decide what is best for them, their health and their lives,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) also favors child marriage – claiming it “unnecessarily and unduly intrudes on the fundamental right of marriage without sufficient cause,” the Los Angeles Times added.

A ridiculous argument

Fraidy Reiss, a survivor of child marriage herself, founded a non-profit called Unchained at Last, which is committed to ending forced and child marriages in America.

Reiss shut down the ridiculous argument of Planned Parenthood claiming child marriage is “necessary” to “protect the reproductive rights” of minors.

Speaking to the violation of human rights, Reiss said, “The idea that banning child marriage—a human rights abuse that destroys girls’ lives— might somehow undermine girls’ rights is preposterous,” Newsweek reported. 

Planned Parenthood is a danger to every child

Planned Parenthood is on the wrong side of every battle involving protecting young children.

From siding with sexual predators over trafficked girls to teaching teens to “hide” abortions from their parents, pushing hormone drugs onto kids, and even having the audacity to lobby for childhood marriage – the most dangerous place for a child is in the hands of Planned Parenthood.

Child marriage is abusive and robs a child of their innocence.

Let’s hope more states pass legislation to ban this devastating act. 

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