The shocking reason these Pro-Lifers were arrested will make your blood boil

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Government thugs are trying to silence Pro-Lifers and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined.

In a dramatic turn of events – a new law is having unthinkable consequences.

And the shocking reason these Pro-Lifers were arrested will make your blood boil.

Ireland’s new anti-free speech law

In Northern Ireland, as a result of a new anti-free speech law, Pro-Lifers are now banned from standing outside abortion centers and hospitals to promote life.

The new law created “safe access zones” which makes it illegal for people to be “impeded, recorded, influenced, or to be caused harassment, alarm, or distress” in these “safe zone areas”, reported BBC News.

Those who violate the new law can be fined – or worse.

And to prove how serious they are about enforcing the law – the police are sending a warning to anyone who dares violate the new law.

Two Pro-Lifers arrested

Two Pro-Life women found out just how serious it was to “violate” the “safe zone areas”.

They were peacefully standing outside Causeway Hospital, and when confronted they refused to leave.

Although the women were simply exercising their freedom of speech, because they refused to leave, they were arrested.

According to the Chief Inspector Vince Redmond of the NI Police Service, they are just doing their job.

Redmond said “As a police service we will seek to work with the Department of Health, local health trusts and all relevant parties to respond as appropriate to any breaches of the legislation that are reported to us.”

He continued “We would expect that persons will respect the zone, to avoid any requirement for police action, which may lead to an arrest,” reported CARE.

Of course, the “safety access zone” simply puts a bubble around abortion centers so they can keep killing babies without anyone even being allowed to have a different opinion.

The abortion lobby is determined to silence life

The abortion lobby knows their days are numbered and their anti-life polices won’t live on forever.

They hope by silencing Pro-Lifers they can continue on with their devious agenda of convincing women abortion is their only option.

But what they don’t understand is Pro-Lifers who fight to protect the rights of unborn babies have a conviction that won’t be silenced.

For decades, Pro-Lifers have been targeted and harassed.

They’ve been thrown in jail, demonized, and had their life-saving crisis pregnancy centers destroyed.

President Joe Biden even went so far as to thrust his leftist pals onto the backs of Pro-Lifers to “investigate them” for being “domestic terrorists”.

But the only “terrorists” are the brutal abortion lobby thugs who continue to punish Pro-Lifers simply for standing for life.

And the more anti-life bureaucrats try and silence free speech, the more Pro-Lifers must continue to stand strong for life.

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