The shocking reason this retired medical scientist is on trial will make your blood boil

A retired medical scientist is on trial – but the reason might surprise you.

This 62-year-old retiree never dreamed she would be punished for her peaceful actions . . . 

. . . and once you hear the reason why she’s on trial, it will make your blood boil.

Holding a sign is now a crime

Livia Tossici-Bolt is a 62-year-old retired medical scientist who has a passion for helping women.

As a Pro-Life woman, Tossici-Bolt wants to ensure every woman considering an abortion knows they aren’t alone.

So to peacefully reach women entering abortion facilities, Tossici-Bolt simply held a sign that read “Here to Talk If You Want”. 

This harmless sign didn’t incite violence, or block entrance into abortion centers – it was a simple and gracious gesture offered to those contemplating abortion.

As it turns out, several women took advantage of the opportunity to talk freely, and even approached Tossici-Bolt.

But now this 62-year-old retiree is on trial – simply for holding a sign.

Buffer zone laws

In the UK, there are “buffer zones” which ban people from speaking out against abortion while in the zone.

And because Tossici-Bolt was in the zone, she was issued a penalty, which she did not pay, citing her rights are protected to have a consensual conversation under the Human Rights Act.

But those seeking to punish Tossici-Bolt wouldn’t let her go free – and now she faces trial.

Thankfully, ADF UK is backing Tossici-Bolt and coming to her defense. 

In a press release, ADF UK shared the insane story and battle of what is happening in the UK regarding the freedom for two consensual adults to carry on a conversation.

“We all condemn harassment. But “buffer zones” are going so far even to criminalize activities which are peaceful and helpful,” Tossici-Bolt said in the release.

“For several years now, I have been offering a helping hand to women who would like to consider other options to abortion, and pointing them to options where they can receive financial and practical support, if that’s what they would like. There’s nothing wrong with offering help. There’s nothing wrong with two adults engaging in a consensual conversation on the street. I shouldn’t be treated like a criminal just for this,” Tossici-Bolt continued.

Annihilating free speech

But as pro-abortion politicians continue to abuse their power – women will continue to suffer.

Women considering abortion often choose to end the life of their babies because they see no other path forward.

If they knew someone cared or could offer an alternative – there is a chance they would choose not to proceed with the abortion.

Women like Livia Tossici-Bolt are on the front lines of the abortion debate – and are being persecuted and harassed simply for standing up to speak up for the unborn who can’t yet defend themselves. 

And as “buffer zones” continue to pop up around the United States – it’s only a matter of time before American Pro-Lifers face the same persecution happening in the UK. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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