The stakes couldn’t be higher for this state as it gets ready to take the Abortion Lobby head-on

The pro-abortion mob is more emboldened than ever before.

They will stop at nothing to make abortion up-until-birth the law of the land.

And now the stakes couldn’t be higher for this state as it gets ready to take the Abortion Lobby head-on. 

Pro-life warriors across the state of Arkansas are rallying against a proposed constitutional amendment that threatens to usher in a new era of abortion-on-demand. 

Arkansas, known for its staunch pro-life stance, is under siege by the Abortion Lobby, who is pushing the Arkansas Abortion Amendment of 2024. 

This alarming proposal seeks to enshrine a so-called “right” to abortion in the state constitution, eroding decades of hard-won protections for the unborn.

But pro-life activists are gearing up for the battle of a lifetime.

Led by organizations like Arkansas Right to Life and the Family Council of Arkansas, they’re launching a full-scale assault to defeat this dangerous amendment.

“The proposed measure could render all current laws protecting the unborn null and void,” warns Arkansas Right to Life. 

From parental consent requirements to bans on gruesome dismemberment abortions, no pro-life safeguard would be safe from this onslaught.

But the fight won’t be easy. 

The abortion lobby, armed with deep pockets and deceptive tactics, poses a formidable challenge. 

They’re pulling out all the stops to deceive voters and advance their deadly agenda.

That’s why pro-life warriors are hitting the streets, launching grassroots campaigns to educate their fellow Arkansans. 

The Decline to Sign initiative, led by Arkansas Right to Life, is mobilizing paid canvassers to spread the truth and rally opposition to the amendment.

But the battle extends far beyond Arkansas’ borders. 

As pro-life activists nationwide know, the fight against abortion is an uphill struggle, with the abortion lobby enjoying a disturbing winning streak in recent years.

From California to Ohio, pro-abortion forces have scored victory after victory, enshrining abortion rights in state constitutions and undermining pro-life legislation. 

But Arkansas won’t go down without a fight!

As President Biden and his allies in Congress push to enshrine abortion rights in federal law, the 2024 elections loom large. 

The fate of the unborn hangs in the balance, as voters decide whether to stand for life or surrender to the forces of death.

But let’s be clear: This isn’t just a political battle. 

It’s a moral imperative, a fight for the soul of our nation. 

We cannot sit idly by as innocent lives are extinguished in the name of “choice.”

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