The stories from this “pro-abortion witch” will leave you trembling with rage

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo from Unsplash

The darkness and depravity of the abortion industry is chilling. 

And it’s only getting worse.

Once you hear the confessions and teachings of a self-proclaimed “pro-abortion” witch you will be trembling with rage.

Abortion as a “magic ritual”

Stopping a beating heart and killing an unborn baby is one of the most gruesome and vulgar acts a person could ever commit.

But a self-proclaimed “witch” calls it “death magic” and released a shocking TikTok video with a tutorial on how to “practice abortion” as a magic ritual.

“How to practice abortion as a magical ritual – part one,” the video starts off.

“My qualifications for teaching this: I am a witch who has had abortions and has used them as rituals. I’ve been through this twice, and it’s birthing magic and it’s death magic simultaneously,” the “witch” continued.

But then her video took a shocking twist – she actually admitted that a baby IS a life – and acknowledged that abortion is killing this life.

The video continued “If you are a womb body who has made the decision to have an abortion, keep in mind that there is death and there is life. There has been a conception. There is life that has been conceived.”

Her comments prove once and for all what Pro-Lifers have said all along – pro-aborts know abortion is stopping a beating heart. They know it’s death.

They just don’t care.

Abortion child sacrifice 

The “witch” goes on to instruct her viewers on the importance of following a “specific order” of things for abortion – claiming that the rituals are connected to the “spirits” and “magic”.

Her disregard for human life is seen in other videos where she boasts about how “wild” it is to be a “witch” who aborts her own babies.

She claimed that while she dreamed of giving birth – she instead killed a baby and as a result has “new life” herself.

“Because that is the power of abortion magic. So now that I had the dream that the baby’s born, here comes new life for me. I’m so grateful to be a witch,” she boasted.

While the abortion lobby tries to downplay that people actually enjoy and choose abortion – stories like this expose the dark side of the abortion some try to hide.

Pro-Lifers must be fervent in prayer

In addition to being fervent in prayer and electing strong Pro-Life politicians – Pro-Lifers must remember that the battle for life in death is fought on one’s knees in prayer.

There is a spiritual battle taking place – as the enemy does use people to carry out his agenda of death.

Which is why more than ever Pro-Lifers must remain faithful to the cause of speaking out for life and not ashamed to stand strong for life.

The “abortion witch” may boast about her death magic for now – but one can only pray she’ll come to know the truth and fight on the right side of history for life.  

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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