The United Nations may intervene in the battle over abortion and the reason why is maddening

Photo by The White House, United States government work, via flickr

Most Americans don’t trust the United Nations.

There has long been a fear the U.N. would try to insert itself into American politics.

And now the United Nations may intervene in the battle over abortion and the reason why is maddening.

Some of the world’s top human rights organizations are now calling on the United Nations to intervene in the U.S. over abortion.

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision set off a panic

The groups made their request known in a letter signed by more than 200 organizations.

They were acting in response to the Supreme Court’s June 2022 Dobbs decision which overturned Roe v. Wade.

The panic caused by that decision, which was a long time coming, extended beyond radical leftist groups in the U.S. to their socialist and globalist friends around the world.

Among the signatories to the letter are the Global Justice Center, Pregnancy Justice, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.

They were joined by a coalition of almost exclusively left-wing and population control groups and individuals.

Abortion restrictions, the signatories write, deny “women’s decisional and bodily autonomy in a way that rejects the agency, dignity and equality of people who can become pregnant.”

Further, the letter claims overturning Roe contravenes the U.S.’s international obligations as a U.N. member.

The letter says member nations are obliged to protect and uphold the rights to life, health, privacy, liberty and security, along with freedoms from torture and inhumane, cruel, or degrading treatment.

It even says LIFE

Of course ignored in all the leftist claptrap is the word LIFE.

It’s right there in their own letter – “rights to life, health . . .”

And a representative from the Global Justice Center said America’s role as a leader on the world stage doesn’t exempt the country from these obligations.

Well, at least that part is correct.

The United States should be doing more to protect life, especially the most innocent and vulnerable – babies.

Of course that isn’t their point at all, and they are so infatuated with propping up the mass murder of children they don’t even see their own glaring hypocrisy and ignorance.

In fact, Christine Ryan, legal director of the Global Justice Center said, “The U.S. must be castigated on the world stage for its treatment of women, girls and others who can become pregnant – the scale and intensity of human rights violations that the US is inflicting on its population are near unfathomable at this point.”

Abortion is by its very nature, racist

The authors of the letter further state the limitation on abortion rights in the U.S. is similar to its history of devaluing the lives of black women.

A truly bizarre view given that abortion has been the number one cause of black deaths for decades.

Yet the letter’s signatories attempted to make the Supreme Court’s decision all about racism.

They would do better to start focusing their efforts on real human rights violations around the world, like the Nigerian slave trade or the killing of Christians in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

But, the U.N. and the so-called “human rights” groups have always targeted the United States, and unless checked, it may not be long before the blue helmeted soldiers show up to force abortion laws on all Americans.

These days it’s not that hard to imagine.

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