The vicious smear campaign against Senator Tommy Tuberville is about much more than just taxpayer-funded abortion

Office of Jerry Carl, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) is holding up military nominations in the Upper Chamber as a way to stop illegal taxpayer-funded abortions for service members.

Tuberville is facing fire from Democrats, RINOs, and the media over his bold stance.

But the vicious smear campaign against Senator Tommy Tuberville is about much more than just taxpayer-funded abortion.

In response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last June, the Department of Defense drafted a new policy to pay for servicemembers and their family members to travel out of state to have an abortion.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville warned Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that he would place a hold on all military nominations if the illegal policy was put in place.

“Now, if you do this without going through the proper channels of Congress and having this voted for, I’m gonna put a hold on all your admirals and generals,” Tuberville wrote in a letter to Austin.

Tuberville was not bluffing and has been holding up military nominations in the Senate since February.

Of course, Tuberville is facing fire from all angles over his bold stance against taxpayer-funded abortion.

The entire Swamp is attacking him for allegedly harming national security by holding up the nominations.

But this is not true.

Chuck Schumer can still bring important nominations to the floor individually, just like he did recently with three nominations that were approved.

But the war against Tommy Tuberville extends far beyond the issue of taxpayer funded abortions for service members.

As President of the Center for Military Readiness Elaine Donnelly pointed out in an article for The Federalist, “if Austin can get away with subsidizing abortion without a vote of Congress, Pentagon ideologues and outside activists will not stop there.”

“Unless Congress intervenes, DOD abortion travel subsidies will set a precedent for more expenditures not authorized by Congress,” Donnelly wrote. “These will include generous time off and travel subsidies for adults and children seeking ‘gender-affirming care’ across state lines.”

Donnelly went on to note that 155 members of Congress have already signed a letter demanding the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2024 “remove any prohibitions on the use of DOD funds for transgender treatments.”

“If conferees remove these provisions from the NDAA, nothing will stand in the way of unilateral Defense Department travel subsidies for non-covered abortions and ‘medically necessary’ transgender interventions and surgeries for adults and children crossing state lines,” Donnelly wrote.

The purpose of the Department of Defense is not to provide abortions and woke gender services to our nation’s troops.

Its purpose is to defend the country. 

That’s why Tuberville’s fight is so important. 

As Donnelly concluded, “if Tuberville backs down on abortion subsidies, demands for free travel expenses and time off for military personnel seeking sex-denying treatments and surgeries for themselves or dependent children logically will follow.”

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