The View cohost proves science has no place on the show after making a bizarre claim about Life

There is no doubt the women of The View are radical leftists.

But they are also known for their lack of intelligence and ability to see the truth.

And this cohost on The View just proved science has no place on the show after making a bizarre claim about life.

Following the Alabama Supreme Court’s pro-life ruling last month that declared frozen embryos are to be considered children under the state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act, The View decided to weigh in.

The “ladies” of The View prove just how idiotic they truly are 

Two of The Views’ co-hosts debated whether or not human embryos are human beings worthy of protection under the law. 

And in order to try and make the argument that they are not, one co-host bizarrely claimed that embryos aren’t even “alive.”

Co-host Sara Haines told fellow co-host Sunny Hostin that she was considering the “facts” and “science” about whether frozen embryos are human beings worthy of being called children. 

Not surprisingly, she came to the conclusion they are not worthy, but (also not surprisingly) her reasons as to why she thinks so are totally unfounded. 

Regarding “a fertilized embryo” that is “three to five days old,” Haines said, “It is not alive outside of a uterus. It has no organs, it is not a life yet, it is not viable till it’s 24 weeks.”

Hostin surprisingly then disagreed with Haines, but Haines condescendingly pushed back with an outright lie, “This is science, Sunny.”

She claimed, “The embryo is an embryo until 10 weeks when it becomes a fetus, a fetus is not viable until 24 weeks. If we’re going to use science, let’s use scientific terms.”

Of course, Haines doesn’t understand either basic biology or the meaning of “viability.”

Because the simple fact is, whether or not ‘scientific terms’ are used to label a preborn child it does not make him or her any more or less human. 

At the moment of fertilization, a new human life comes into existence complete with his or her own unique DNA and traits from hair color to sex are already determined. 

A person’s a person, no matter how small

This, Ms. Haines, is basic biology. 

Whether a child is labeled a zygote, an embryo, a fetus, or a baby does not change basic science. This ‘label’ does not make humans human — DNA does.

And to say an embryo is not alive because it is not inside the uterus is also completely false. 

An embryo is constantly growing and changing from within. 

This type of growth is unique to living organisms. 

Just like born humans, an embryo outside of its natural environment will not survive, but that doesn’t mean it was never alive. 

If you leave a born baby in space or in the ocean without what it needs to survive (oxygen, water, food, etc.), that human will eventually die — but obviously, that human was alive.

For example, if you take a newborn baby and put it in a locked room by itself for days on end, the baby will die.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a human or wasn’t alive.

The truth, and the science, is that a human is a human from the moment of fertilization, any other view is based on fiction and politics, not science.

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