The wicked actions of one local church will leave you seeing red

Joe Biden is determined to mobilize the Left to ram through abortions.

But now there is an enemy from within.

And the wicked actions of one local church will leave you seeing red.

True Christians are Pro-Life

God is the author of life and He hates the slaying of unborn babies.

Most Christians believe in protecting the sanctity of life.

But other churches that claim to be “Christian” are encouraging women to abort their babies.  

Instead of supporting Pro-Life ministries and crisis pregnancy centers like most churches . . .  

. . . one church in Dallas, Texas went rogue and is doing just the opposite.

Using the name of Jesus to promote death

The First Unitarian Church of Dallas does not like the “misinformation” being pushed by crisis pregnancy centers.

Apparently helping women choose life and showing them abortion is not their only option is “misinformation.”

So to combat the life-saving pregnancy centers, First Unitarian Church of Dallas launched their own pregnancy center called “The Truth Pregnancy Resource Center” (TPRC). 

And while their center offers things like sonograms and adoption resources . . . 

. . . it also gives women resources to teach them how to get out-of-state abortions.

T.J. FitzGerald is the “minister of community care and engagement” at the church and defends his church’s actions on helping women kill their babies.

FitzGerald said, “When someone comes through our doors, and they have access to the internet and are aware they can travel, they should not be journeying through that process alone,” KERA News reported.


But FitzGerald thinks it is “compassionate” to help connect women to out-of-state abortions if that’s the “choice” they want to make.

As if choosing to kill an unborn baby is a harmless “choice”.

But this is what happens when a left-wing ideology infiltrates a local church.

The radical pro-abortion agenda continues to harm women even more who think the church is there to help them.

But this pro-abortion church is proud of their actions.

On their website, they boast about TPRC claiming the opening “emphasizes its commitment to non-judgmental, gender-affirming care, and reproductive justice outreach.”

A shameful act of betrayal

When a scared pregnant mom is looking for hope – and help – she often turns to the local church.

Sadly, if she turns to First Unitarian Church in Dallas, she’ll get just the opposite.

A local church should be on the front lines of protecting life.

But this wicked church is exploiting vulnerable moms and helping them kill their babies – claiming it is in the name of Jesus.

It’s one thing for leftists to push abortion.

While it’s tragic and wrong – they truly don’t believe a baby is a life – and they certainly aren’t pretending to be Christian while promoting abortion.

It’s unknown how many women will become victims of the “Truth Pregnancy Resource Center”.

The only “truth” with this center is they are not really pro-woman – they are pro-abortion and ramming it through under a banner of deception.

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