These blue state abortionists are taking one disgusting action that is expanding mail order abortions nationwide

The pro-abortion lobby will take any action to increase the number of babies killed.

And they are even willing to break the law to promote abortion-on-demand.

That’s why these blue state abortionists are taking one disgusting action that is expanding mail order abortions nationwide.

Some abortionists in several blue states have found a way to provide abortions to women in red states where it is either illegal or restricted. 

Creating new ways to circumvent current law

And they are doing it with a new tool, laws in their home states that protect them from prosecutors in states with pro-life laws.

These new telemedicine shield laws seek to block officials in red states who might prosecute or sue abortion providers in states like California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Washington State. 

Under the new laws, those states will no longer extradite doctors who break the law in pro-life states. 

Even more disturbing; they won’t turn over records and they won’t aid in any investigations. 

This new era of refusing to cooperate in criminal investigations is a sharp break from the usual cooperative efforts in interstate investigations. 

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs decision, a wave of pro-life laws in conservative states went into effect.

The pro-Abortion lobby has worked hard to counter and circumvent those laws.

They’ve used mobile clinics just across the border from red states and are taking advantage of taxpayer funding that covers the cost of travel to places where abortion is legal. 

Now these abortionists have started mailing abortion pills into pro-life states where they are illegal or restricted using the new shield laws as cover.

More widespread than anyone knew

And it turns out their reach has surprised even some pro-abortion advocates. 

These abortionists have already prescribed and mailed tens of thousands of the deadly pills to women in Idaho, Texas, and other states that banned abortion after the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision that overturned Roe v. Wade

Women seeking to violate state law and have chemical abortions can find these abortionists online and fill out forms about their medical history. 

The abortionists then supposedly evaluate whether the women are eligible to receive the mail-in abortion pills. 

Women can be up to 12 weeks pregnant and have no disqualifying medical issues.

Being able to receive chemical abortion pills at their homes by mail allows women to violate state law in the comfort of their own home and saves them from having to travel to states where abortion is legal. 

The shield law abortionists do charge $150 or $250, but they allow for poorer patients to pay less or sometimes even nothing.

Pro-life activists and lawmakers in conservative states are rightly outraged. 

The shield laws are “really trying to completely sabotage the governing efforts of their neighboring states,” said John Seago, the president of Texas Right to Life. “It can’t stand, and we can’t be content with this new development.”

The practice hasn’t been challenged in court, yet.

But most observers believe it’s only a matter of time. 

Law enforcement officials in pro-life states may be waiting for a case they believe will be strong enough to assure victory.

State officials could first file charges or a complaint against a provider in a blue state and when that state refused to cooperate, a red state could sue the shield-law state itself under the Constitution’s full faith and credit clause that prevents one state from interfering with another’s laws.

In preparation for such a suit, most shield-law abortionists have decided not to travel to states with abortion bans, and some have even established trusts to protect their assets from civil suits.

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