These disgusting billboards are popping up on highways everywhere and they’ve got people seeing red

Photo by Irina Blok from Unsplash

The radical Left has absolutely no shame.

They will sink to any depths to promote the mass murder of children by the multi-billion-dollar abortion mill industry. 

And now these disgusting billboards are popping up on highways everywhere and they’ve got people seeing red.

Abortion survivors recently broke their silence over several controversial billboards on a major interstate in the Midwest.

These billboards are along Interstate 55 which links Midwest states with strong pro-life laws to those who have no restrictions on the killing of preborn children.

Abortion survivors and average Americans are horrified

Lauren Eden and Jennifer Milbourn, who are both survivors of their mother’s attempts to abort them, joined Fox News’ FOX & Friends to discuss their reaction to the billboards.

Billboards that don’t just promote the killing of the pre-born but also attempt to link God’s plan with abortion. 

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking,” Eden told Brian Kilmeade. “As an abortion survivor, I want people to know the truth. And the truth is that God created life. He stands for life, and every life that He creates is a miracle.”

The billboards are being placed by the pro-abortion dark money group “Shout Your Abortion.” 

They are all positioned along Interstate 55 a major artery that stretches from Louisiana to Illinois. 

One of the billboard reads, “God’s plan includes abortion,” and another reads, “Abortion is OK. You know what’s right for you.”

Milbourn pushed back hard on the billboards attempting to link abortion to Christianity, saying the pro-abortion group is distorting the message of what “God’s plan” actually is. 

“As a survivor of my first mom’s attempt of a massive aspiration abortion, I’m appalled at the message on these billboards,” Milbourn said. 

Abortion is not healthcare

“The only love this group shows is for those who agree with them. While God’s love is for all people, this group is anti-life and we survivors are proof that they’re anti-life, because if they had their way, I wouldn’t be here and my children wouldn’t be here,” she continued. 

“And abortion is the only medical procedure that when a doctor fails, a life is saved. And no matter how you try to spin it, abortion is not health care. And I’m not a disease to be taken care of, and we are the babies that survived the choice.”

The controversial billboards are going up more than a year after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.

This returned the abortion issue to the states ultimately giving the states the power to decide abortion policy. 

Eden said as “an abortion survivor” she “rejoice[s]” over that court ruling.

“I think that every life is a miracle and that these moms need resources, they need support. They need help,” she said. 

“I know my own mom went to three different states in a desperate attempt to have an abortion, and God intervened in my life 15 times, 15 miracles that he did.”

“He proved that my life was a living testimony of his grace and his redeeming love,” she continued. “So I think we need to help support these moms. I think we need to help support these women who are in times of crisis.”

Milbourn added that her mother felt as if she had no other choice than abortion when she attempted to have the procedure done back in the 1970s, and agreed with Eden that the need for more support for women struggling with unplanned pregnancies is vital. 

“We survivors, we always want to encourage everyone who’s listening that in every situation you encounter, always choose life,” she said. “God is love, not abortion.”

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