These new figures show blue states are literally killing themselves

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For decades many conservatives have claimed the Left is an ideology of death.

And recently there has been more and more proof this is the case.

Now these new figures show blue states are literally killing themselves.

A new analysis shows the number of abortions rose nationally in the year after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with its June 2022 Dobbs Decision.

Blue state blues

However, the increase is due to the sharp increase in blue states which largely have pro-abortion on demand laws.

Abortions dropped significantly in red states with bans and significant limits on abortion.

The latest report is from the Society of Family Planning’s “WeCount” project.

The Society of Family Planning is a pro-abortion organization that pushes for abortion on demand with no restrictions.

The pro-abortion group’s report celebrated that there were 2,200 more surgical and medication abortions nationally during the 12 months from July 2022 to June 2023.

But the report also pointed out the overall increase attempts to hide the state-by-state variations that followed the high court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision.

Abortionist-provided abortions almost disappeared in states with restrictions and bans on most abortions.

It turns out overturning Roe and passing good state pro-life legislation saves lives.

Meanwhile the number of abortions rose in states where the procedure is legal with almost no restrictions, in some cases up to birth.

More than 115,000 babies saved in red states

In states with bans or six-week bans, the number of abortions decreased by almost 115,000, almost all of them so-called Red states which vote Republican.

Meanwhile in Democrat-run blue states where abortion remains legal late into pregnancy there was a cumulative increase of nearly 117,000 abortions in the 12 months following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

As one activist put it, “Blue states are literally committing suicide, they are killing themselves.”

Meanwhile in the 14 states with near-total abortion bans, there have been nearly 95,000 fewer clinician-provided abortions.

This amounts to an almost 100 percent decrease in these states.

There are some red states with huge increases in abortion.

In fact the two states with the largest increase in abortions were Florida and North Carolina.

They both share borders with states that have passed solid pro-life laws and have served as so-called “abortion tourism” states.

But those numbers will most certainly drop as Florida passed a 6-week ban and North Carolina passed a 12-week ban with an additional in-person counseling requirement.

In fact, abortions in North Carolina dropped 31 percent in the first month after the state’s 12-week abortion ban took effect.

Florida’s 6-week ban is not yet in effect as it awaits a court ruling on the law.

“The fact that abortions increased overall in the past year shows what happens when abortion access is improved, and some previously unmet need for abortion is met,” said Alison Norris, “WeCount” co-chair and a professor at the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health.

While the pro-abortion lobby is happy that overall more babies were killed, they are furious that in 14 states lives have been saved.

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