These pro-lifers are refusing to allow the abortion industry’s deception turn their state into the next Ohio

Photo by Fé Ngô from Unsplash

Pro-Lifers fought tooth-and-nail to defeat Issue 1 in Ohio which enshrined abortion into Ohio’s constitution.

Sadly, despite their best attempt to stop it – the millions of dollars in blood money that flooded in from pro-abortion radicals helped ram through the amendment.

But now these pro-lifers are refusing to allow the abortion industry’s deception to turn their state into the next Ohio.

Attorney Generals across the country are taking a stand against the deceptive language that has plagued recent abortion-related initiatives. 

But one group is emerging as frontline defenders against the obvious deception in the abortion industry’s playbook.

Ohio’s successful bid to enshrine abortion access into the state’s constitution has triggered a ripple effect across the nation. 

Pro-life groups argue that misleading ads from the abortion industry, coupled with vague language, played a pivotal role in swaying the vote. 

The ambiguous language, they contend, goes beyond the scope of Roe v. Wade, raising concerns about unrestricted abortion.

Kelsey Pritchard, State Public Affairs Director of SBA Pro-Life America, emphasized the issue, stating, “Deception is the common theme in every abortion ballot measure.” 

The assertion is that abortion activists deliberately employ unclear language to mislead voters into supporting measures that embed unlimited abortion rights in state constitutions.

Pro-life AGs are now stepping into the fray to address these concerns head-on. 

In Arkansas, AG Tim Griffin rejected a proposed abortion ballot, citing “ambiguities in the text,” lack of clarity on terms like “health” and “access,” and a potentially misleading title. 

Griffin’s move reflects a commitment to ensuring that voters are not swayed by vague language that obscures the true implications of such measures.

Similarly, in Florida, AG Ashley Moody criticized a pro-abortion amendment initiative, deeming it “one of the worst I have ever seen.” 

Moody highlighted the misleading nature of the initiative, particularly in its use of the term “viability.” 

She argued that the term, with its dual meanings related to the progression of pregnancy and a baby’s ability to survive outside the uterus, creates confusion and demands clarity for voters.

South Dakota AG Marty Jackley echoed these sentiments, pointing out discrepancies in the wording of a recent abortion proposal. 

His concern centered around any suggestion that the amendment made abortion legal only in the first trimester, emphasizing the need for accurate representation in the ballot language.

The pro-life AGs’ efforts align with a broader goal of defending voter clarity and transparency. 

Regardless of personal opinions on abortion, AG Moody stressed that “Floridians are entitled to know clearly and concisely what they are voting for or against.”

This sentiment reflects a commitment to upholding democratic principles by ensuring that voters can make informed decisions without falling prey to deceptive tactics.

Pro-life leaders recognize the potential threat posed by deceptive ballot measures and are taking proactive measures to combat them. 

SBA Vice President of State Affairs, Stephen Billy, highlighted the urgency of early action by AGs in pro-life states. 

He emphasized their role in “fighting back against it and making sure there’s clarity for the voters in their states about how radical these amendments are, allowing abortion basically without restriction and deteriorating parental rights.”

As the battleground intensifies and deceptive tactics persist, the actions of pro-life AGs stand as a crucial line of defense, aiming to safeguard the sanctity of life and uphold the principles that guide informed democratic decision-making. 

In this fight for clarity, pro-life Americans find champions in those who are committed to revealing the truth behind the deceptive veils shrouding abortion-related initiatives.

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