This abortionist just destroyed Democrat claims about the number of late-term abortions with one shocking statistic

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Democrats are trying their best to claim there is no such thing as late-term abortion.

And they say even if there is, no one supports it.

But this abortionist just destroyed Democrat claims about the number of late-term abortions with one shocking statistic.

Admittedly, Dr. Warren Hern is “The Abortion Absolutist,” as he was called in a recent Atlantic article.

A disturbing admission

But now the radical abortionist Dr. Hern has destroyed the Democrat narrative about late-term abortions.

He estimates that at least half and possibly more of the women who come to his abortion mill for later term abortions, are healthy women with no complications.

“At least half, and sometimes more.” 

And he says in almost all of these cases abortions are performed on healthy, viable babies.

This admission destroys the recent drive by Democrats to claim later term abortions either don’t exist or if they do they are performed in only the rarest of cases.

In short, the Democrats and their pro-abortion foot soldiers are simply lying to the American people.

That’s because they know the vast majority of Americans absolutely oppose such abortions.

Pro-abortionists don’t like even talking about these facts.

They understand that to even indirectly acknowledge what Hern is doing—and to whom– is very risky to their goal of abortion on demand, paid for by the taxpayers.

As the Atlantic said, “During the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, when about 90 percent of abortions in America are carried out, the fetus’s appearance ranges from a small clot of phlegm to an alienlike ball of flesh. At 22 weeks, though, a human fetus has grown to about the size of a small melon. The procedures that Hern performs result in the removal of a body that, if you saw it, would inspire a sharp pang of recognition. These are the abortions that provide fodder for the gruesome images on protesters’ signs and the billboards along Midwest highways, images that can be difficult to look at for long.”

“A sharp pang of recognition”? What else could it be? That’s one of us!

A legacy of lies

That about sums up why the Democrats have made a major push in the past few weeks to try and convince the American people that late-term abortions are just a lie made up by pro-life activists.

They can’t stand the thought of actual facts, science, and truth getting in the way of their desperate desire to murder as many babies as they can.

Fortunately, some in the pro-life movement are fighting back.

And not just on the defensive.

Groups like Students for Life are taking the fight for life directly to the pro-aborts in state legislatures and the courts.

And more and more are willing to stand up and loudly call out the lies and deceit of the Democrats on this vital issue.

After all, it really is a matter of life or death.

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