This anti-life politician proposed an unthinkable plan to silence Pro-Lifers

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Anti-life politicians are determined to use any means necessary to silence Pro-Lifers.

But the latest attack on peaceful Pro-Lifers has hit an all-time low. 

And now one woke politician has proposed an unthinkable plan to silence Pro-Lifers for good.

Abortion center “quiet zones” 

Anti-life politicians don’t like it when peaceful Pro-Lifers stand outside of abortion clinics to pray for women or help them choose life.

In Chicago, there is already a “bubble zone” which forbids Pro-Life sidewalk counselors to come within eight feet of any person standing 50 feet outside of an abortion center, reported Live Action

But that isn’t enough for the pro-abortion crowd – they want to take things even further.

Chicago Alderman Bill Conway is pushing to have “quiet zones” outside of abortion centers to ban Pro-Lifers from playing worship songs or prayers.

“They’re yelling at them, chanting, speaking through a bullhorn towards them. I’ve seen them handing out literature as well. It’s really all of the above,” Conway told Block Club Chicago. 

“All of this, of course, is meant to intimidate people seeking services or discourage them from getting access to health care at all,” Conway continued.

The truth is, Pro-Lifers are there to help women and pray for them – letting them know they are loved and so is their precious baby.

But what about the First Amendment?

Pro-Lifers should have the right to protest abortion.

In addition, the Constitution guarantees every American the right to pray wherever they want – even outside of an abortion clinic.

But of course, the anti-life crowd doesn’t think so.

Abortionists don’t want women who are coming in to get an abortion to know the real truth behind the horror of abortion.

And they certainly don’t want women to meet Pro-Lifers who are genuinely interested in both the well-being of the mother and her baby.

“They’re yelling and screaming at people their own personal beliefs about what they shouldn’t do with their pregnancies. … They’re not living up to the spirit of the bubble ordinance, which is don’t speak to people that don’t want to speak to you,” complained abortion medical director Allison Cowett.

In other places around the world – Pro-Lifers are getting arrested for even silently praying outside of an abortion clinic.

The United States isn’t there yet – but this is where trends like the one Chicago wants to institute will ultimately lead. 

Babies’ lives saved

40 Days for Life is known to hold prayer vigils outside of abortion clinics.

And during their most recent spring campaign, 680 babies were saved!

680 babies were spared the horror of abortion and had the chance to be born because of faithful Pro-Lifers who were committed to speaking out for life.

Politicians and abortionists might hope laws will stifle free speech and drown out the sound of those speaking for life . . .

. . . but even if they succeed, they can never silence the screams of the unborn who are ripped away from their mother’s womb without mercy. 

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