This business released the most incredible Pro-Life commercial and the abortion lobby is fuming

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The abortion lobby is used to the media and pro-abortion businesses promoting their anti-life agenda.

But not every business supports killing unborn babies. 

And one Pro-Life company just released the most incredible Pro-Life ad ever, and the abortion lobby is fuming. 

The biggest lie of all

The abortion lobby has convinced pregnant moms it is “empowering” to kill their unborn babies.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, which is why so many post-abortive women become full of despair having realized they participated in killing the unborn baby growing inside of them.

And now, anti-life states are trying to enshrine abortion into state constitutions claiming a “doctor” should have the authority to decide which baby lives or dies.

The truth is, abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a mother, but abortionists and anti-life doctors still continue to terrorize pregnant moms, leading them to believe abortion is their only option. 

Instead of believing every baby is valuable – anti-life doctors think they have the authority or moral right to decide which baby lives or dies.

Every life is worthy

But Pro-Life company EveryLife believes every baby is worthy of life, and they released the most incredible Pro-Life ad to spread the message of life.

The ad starts off stating “While so many companies are promoting what is wrong, we choose to celebrate what is right – Life.” 

“Every miracle from God. Boy and girl. Black, tan, and white. Planned and unplanned. Gifted and special. Every one of them is celebrated here. Every life,” the Pro-Life ad continued.


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Public Sq shared the ad on Instagram and wrote, “EveryLife will never donate your hard-earned money to organizations that destroy innocent life — but their competitors do.”

They continued “Shift your dollars to the high-performing, supremely soft, affordable diapers & wipes that protect and celebrate every miraculous life.”

What a beautiful ad!

So many businesses boast how they donate resources to Planned Parenthood and other anti-life groups – but thankfully Pro-Life businesses are taking a stand and putting their foot down.

Pro-Life businesses are on the rise 

The abortion lobby peddles the lie that if Pro-Life businesses speak out for life they’ll lose customers.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

As more and more businesses publicly come out in support for life, they see firsthand how Pro-Life patriots flock to them in droves.

Seven Weeks Coffee is a Pro-Life business and even donates a portion of their profits to crisis pregnancy centers!

Other businesses are giving a bonus to women who have a baby or adopt a child . . . 

. . . unlike their competitors who pay for the travel expenses for women to abort their own babies.

Cheers to EveryLife for their Pro-Life ad – let’s hope more and more businesses speak out for life.  

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