This comedian is fighting for the preborn in a most unusual way

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels.

In the realm of political correctness, where certain comparisons are deemed off-limits, one area still remains open for the perfect yet forbidden analogy: comedy. 

However, it’s rare that a comedian uses their power for good and even more rare that they use it to promote conservative values.

But this comedian is using his platform to fight for the preborn in a most unusual way.

On a recent episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, Westen hosted Nicholas De Santo, a self-proclaimed pro-life comedian who fearlessly navigates the uncharted waters of humor in the face of abortion debates.

De Santo is using the gift God gave him — humor — to fight abortion in a surprising way. 

De Santo’s unique journey began in Iran, where he experienced life under an “Islamist theocratic dictatorship.” 

Later, he found himself in Bologna, Italy, a city known as the “stronghold of the Italian left.” 

These diverse environments cultivated his interest in politics and current affairs. 

While he respects comedians who delve into mundane topics, De Santo felt a calling to address weightier issues, particularly the contentious realm of pro-life advocacy.

His foray into pro-life comedy was sparked by the celebratory reactions to the 2018 referendum ending Ireland’s nationwide abortion ban. 

Despite being an “absolute beginner” in stand-up comedy, De Santo introduced pro-life jokes at clubs.

When these venues shut down his act, it only fueled his eagerness to explore this controversial space further, recognizing the need to experiment and push boundaries. 

De Santo views satire as inherently rooted in speaking truth to power, a vital aspect of challenging the dominant narrative held by pro-abortion feminists.

A provocative facet of De Santo’s comedic approach is drawing parallels between the pro-abortion stance and Nazism. 

In his view, if Nazis were condemned for killing so-called “defective” unborn babies for the sake of the war machine, why is terminating pregnancies with healthy babies acceptable merely for convenience? 

He skillfully employs humor to create a stark contrast and engage audiences in contemplating the moral implications of abortion.

In the ongoing culture war against the woke left, De Santo sees comedy as a potent weapon and, perhaps, the last chance to push back. 

He acknowledges the dire and bleak nature of the current situation, asserting that humor serves as a sweet pill to alleviate the pain of facing societal issues. 

For De Santo, comedy is not just about entertaining; it’s a tool to make people aware of what is happening, provide food for thought, and resist the encroachment of the faithless, globalist left into institutions and culture.

“The situation is so dire and so bleak that you need this sweet pill of comedy to alleviate the pain of facing these issues,” he emphasized on the show. 

“So you are entertaining people, but you’re also making them aware of what is going on, giving them food for thought, and resisting the dominance and that slow but relentless march of the faithless, globalist lefties into our institutions and into our culture.”

In a landscape where political correctness often stifles discussions, Nicholas De Santo’s pro-life comedy emerges as a courageous and effective means to challenge prevailing ideologies and spark conversations on critical issues. 

As he fearlessly navigates the world of comedy, De Santo proves that humor can be a powerful force for change, even in the face of societal taboos.

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