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The abortion lobby loves using local elected officials to do their bidding.

In San Diego county, a radical Board of Supervisors tried to ram through the unthinkable.

And once you hear about the radical smear campaign against crisis pregnancy centers you’ll be downright horrified. 

San Diego county is gunning for crisis pregnancy centers

Crisis pregnancy centers deal with vulnerable pregnant women who have nowhere else to turn.

While abortion giants like Planned Parenthood push abortion, telling pregnant moms there is no other way, crisis pregnancy centers provide hope.

When a pregnant mom enters through the door of a crisis pregnancy center – she learns the truth – that she doesn’t have to abort her baby and she can choose life.

But pro-aborts hate crisis pregnancy centers because it takes away from their “abortion is empowering” propaganda campaign.

And in San Diego county – they schemed up a way to shut down crisis pregnancy centers for good.

Money to shut down crisis pregnancy centers

San Diego county Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer despises crisis pregnancy centers.

So much so that she actually sought to use the County’s time and $500,000 in resources to launch a “public education campaign” to take down crisis pregnancy centers. 

“They’re fake centers pretending to offer reproductive healthcare advice to women, luring unsuspecting women into their doors. They do not offer actual medical advice. They do not offer any prenatal services. They do not offer a full range of healthcare to women. They instead try to prevent women from exercising their right to seek healthcare services and to seek an abortion,” ranted Lawson-Remer.

Her propaganda campaign not only discriminates against Pro-Lifers in the name of a “public education campaign” – but it actually hurts women.

Crisis pregnancy centers fight back

Carolyn Koole is the Executive Director of the Home Clinic for Women, and she refused to stay silent while San Diego county supervisors were targeting crisis pregnancy centers.

In a statement to CBS 8 Kole said “In the last year, Hope Clinic for Women provided over 3,380 free services to women, including pregnancy tests, maternity and infant resources, ultrasounds, parenting classes, and mentoring, totaling more than $678,000.

She continued “Oftentimes, we establish long-term relationships with these women as we assist them after their pregnancies and continue to offer support. These women often have no other resources and the Board of Supervisors, through their misinformed and misguided efforts to shut down places like pregnancy centers that help women and their families for free, is a direct attack on women who are in need of assistance.”

“If the Board really wanted to aid women in unsupported pregnancies, they would be promoting pregnancy centers, not trying to shut them down. It is a travesty that they are directly targeting centers whose mission is to aid women at no cost solely because they are pro-abortion and we are not,” Kole concluded.

And she’s exactly right – San Diego county supervisors would rather push their pro-abort agenda than actually help women. 

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