This doctor’s actions towards a blind pregnant mom will leave you furious

A blind pregnant mom sought medical care for her unborn baby.

But nothing prepared her for what would happen next.

And this doctor’s actions towards a blind pregnant mom will leave you furious. 

From joy to sorrow

Chelsey Davis was a young female mother who was pregnant with her second child.

It was a joyous season and a reason to celebrate.

But when she went in for a routine ultrasound with her husband – things took an unexpected turn.

The doctors confirmed the baby had an abdominal mass that they insisted would never go away.

Thinking Chelsey would want to abort her baby, they began to scare her with all the horrible things that could happen if she kept her baby warning her of a “lifelong disability” or a stillbirth.

And then they suggested the unthinkable. 

Terminate” the baby

Chelsey reports her doctor used the word “termination” with her eight times – even though she already told him she would not abort her baby.

When she first heard him say “termination” – she immediately replied, “I don’t do that”.

But the doctor did not care and kept talking as if she said nothing.

He continued to scare Chelsey with all the reasons why she should abort her baby – never once giving her hope.

Chelsey listened as her doctor told her, “Abortions get more expensive the longer you wait” and warned her he would never do an emergency C-section on a baby that “won’t live that long anyway,” Live Action News reported.

Overcome with terror and anger – Chelsey was devastated.

The people who were supposed to protect her baby were trying to end its life. 

She had hoped this doctor would help her, but he was so obsessed with convincing her that killing her baby was the right choice – he even called her at home hoping to convince her.

Another way forward

No doctor should ever try to intimidate a scared pregnant mom to kill her baby.

But ruthless doctors do it every day in America.

Many women give in and choose abortion – thinking there is no other way.

Chelsey was strong and resisted the doctor’s deadly advice – and she went on to have a healthy baby boy.

Her son Dallas was born with a non-serious complication that has resolved, and Chelsey reports he is now a healthy 22-month-old little boy who is loving life.

Yet again – the “medical experts” got it wrong. 

But if these pro-abortion doctors had their way, Dallas would have never had the chance to experience life.

Thankfully Chelsey stood her ground and advocated for her sweet baby boy.

But despite Chelsey’s resilience, no pregnant mom should ever be put in a situation like she experienced ever again. 

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