This doctor’s post celebrating abortion is so ghastly even some pro-abortion activists turned against her

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The growing connection between abortion and LGBT ideology is shedding new light on the pro-abortion lobby.

And it’s even becoming too much for some anti-life activists.

Like this doctor’s post celebrating abortion that is so ghastly even some pro-abortion activists turned against her.

For many pro-life activists the link between the radical LGBT agenda and abortion advocacy is nothing new.

Indiana doctor goes viral after she bragged about providing abortions

An Indiana doctor went viral recently after she bragged about providing abortions.

Her post was so disgusting even many people who self-identify as “pro-choice” started questioning their stance.

Dr. Katie McHugh, a self-described “queer OB/GYN,” posted a picture of herself holding a cannula (a device used in abortions to remove the tissue of the deceased baby from the womb) while boasting about providing abortion “care.”

Of course, “care” is a subjective term as doctors are supposed to provide medical care, not death.

Nevertheless, Dr. McHugh took to Twitter to celebrate her murder of children.

“Happy Friday! #Abortion care is still legal in Indiana. We’re doing everything we can to keep it that way,” she tweeted.

“#AbortionIsHealthcare — as well as a community priority, a family value, and a normal part of life!”

“Abortion is moral, common, and it isn’t going away,” she claimed. “Neither are we.”

A tidal wave of backlash

The Indiana abortionist post got millions of views.

But unfortunately for “doctor evil,” many of them resulted in negative comments.

In fact, she faced a virtual tidal wave of backlash from the Internet.

And in a real shocker many people who identify as “pro-choice” spoke out against Dr. McHugh and her disturbing post.

By “pro-choice,” we of course mean those who self-identify as pro-abortion.

Here are just a few of the posts in response to McHugh’s post:

“Abortion should *never* be common and should *never* be celebrated. I say this as someone who’s against making it illegal. What an absolutely unnerving and creepy post.”

“Seeing how happy you are to kill babies makes me question my pro-choice stance.”

“I’m largely pro-choice but I question if I’m on the right side of the argument when I see providers get excited to perform abortions. This is a very, very creepy post.”

“I’m pro-choice, not pro-abortion. A distinction I never felt the need to make until this recent — and yes creepy — Democrat/lefty embrace of abortion.”

“All they wanted was safe, legal, and rare. Now we have ‘moral, common, and isn’t going away.'”

“Why are you smiling with an abortion tool . . . even in the most straightforward of circumstances it still isn’t smile worthy . . .”

Dr. Evil digs in her stiletto heels

But despite the negative reactions to other posts, Dr. McHugh decided it was time to dig her heels in.

“Despite the *many* hateful comments, I am proud to normalize #abortion care, smile at and for people needing help, and honor the people choosing abortion,” she tweeted.

In other words, a doctor, who is supposed to provide care to people instead celebrates the torture, mutilation, and murder of children . . . seems like we have been there before, #Mengele.

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