This establishment “Pro-Life” group just stabbed Pro-Lifers in the back yet again

Solid pro-lifers believe every life is sacred and fiercely fight for the right to life for all unborn babies.

But many so-called “Pro-Life” groups have a different stance and are quick to sell out their own base.

And now this establishment “Pro-Life” group just stabbed Pro-Lifers in the back yet again with their latest move.

Trump’s 16-week abortion ban 

Donald Trump is in a bit of a bind – his conservative base is staunchly Pro-Life . . . 

. . . but Trump has a moderate position on abortion.

And when it was reported that Trump privately told some he’d support a 16-week abortion ban – the establishment “Pro-Life” group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America jumped at the chance to praise Trump.

Well, sort of.

They know their Pro-Life base demands more protections for unborn babies than a teethless 4-month abortion ban . . .

. . . yet their establishment donors would love to continue to pretend they are “Pro-Life” by supporting Trump’s latest national ban to restrict abortion.

So, Susan B. Anthony tried to cater to both by quietly supporting Trump’s reported 16-week ban while not actively posting on social media their support.

The majority of their grassroots base follows them on social media – so by going dark – SBA Pro-Life America hoped to hide their true intent.

Another sellout “Pro-Life” group

Saying you are okay with unborn babies killed up until they are four months old is not “Pro-Life”.

It’s not as if a life that begins at conception suddenly becomes “worthy of protection” once they reach a certain age.

Every life must be protected, at the moment of conception.

Yet Susan B. Anthony was thrilled once they learned of Trump’s plan so they could throw a bone to their moderate donors.

“We strongly agree with President Trump on protecting babies from abortion violence at 16 weeks when they feel pain,” SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a press release.

“A majority of Americans support this compassionate position,” she continued.

As if killing a four-month-old baby is “compassionate”!

But that is how establishment groups like Susan B. Anthony work.

They put on a Pro-Life veneer on social media trying to convince their grassroots base that they are committed to “protecting life.”

However, when the rubber meets the road, they are quick to compromise on life – and boast about it.

On the other hand, true Pro-Life heroes are committed to advancing the cause for life even if it isn’t “popular”.

They step into the arena ready to take on the political establishment in both parties – because protecting innocent life is their highest value.

And while SBA Pro-Life America is focused on rubbing shoulders with the establishment hoping to nuzzle up to Donald Trump, real Pro-Life groups are working around the clock to stop Biden’s radical pro-abortion agenda.

SBA Pro-Life America might fool some grassroots Pro-Lifers some of the time – but they can’t do it forever. 

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