This former conservative group just went full swamp and betrayed every Pro-Life activist in America

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At one time, they were considered one of the most powerful conservative groups in the nation.

But their new leadership has steered them erratically to the Left on issues like abortion.

And now this swampy RINO group just betrayed every Pro-Life activist in America.

FreedomWorks, who once lead the charge against Obamacare and pro-abortion radicals, now wants to try and win over Left-wing voters by changing entire ideological philosophy.

A radical rebrand and a total sell-out on life

The formally hard-line conservative-libertarian policy group that many say helped launch the Tea Party movement, is attempting a major makeover and selling out the lives of babies in their desire to keep earning huge paychecks.

At one time, under former Texas Congressman Dick Armey, the group was considered one of the most renowned political groups on the Right.

And even after their split from the Koch Brothers’ network, (and Armey) former head Matt Kibbe kept the group focused on hard-core conservative and liberty issues.

But now, under the leadership of one-time press staffer Adam Brandon, the group has decided to transform itself into a moderate RINO group, pursuing the very ideological compromise it used to renounce.

In a presentation intended for high dollar donors, lawmakers and leading policy makers, the group announced a “New FreedomWorks for a New World.” 

The presentation then outlined what Brandon claims are the beliefs of independent voters such as “climate realism” and “abortion options.”

And in a letter to donors and staff, Brandon claimed conservatives no longer are committed to the philosophy of limited government and he then appealed for moderation on social issues.

Selling out babies’ lives for “tolerance and choice”

The announcement of their new leftist philosophy comes after research conducted by FreedomWorks that shows suburban independent voters support “tolerance and choice,” Brandon wrote. 

He then stressed that for the group to be successful, it must embrace these new values and “become a beacon of sanity in turbulent times.”

“For this group of independents, gay marriage is a settled issue,” Brandon told donors and staff. 

“Concerning abortion, they believe the old adage that the issue should be safe, legal, and rare. What appeals to the partisan base does not appeal to this demographic. This demographic is rejecting the Democratic message, but they aren’t taking to the Republican message.”

Brandon failed to mention that he is simply embracing Bill Clinton’s “safe, legal, and rare” as an “old adage” without acknowledging it was the Democrat Party position for decades.

Now Brandon is using the same leftist verbiage to try and win over a handful of big donors so he can keep paying himself his exorbitant paycheck.

Brandon also called GOP politicians out of step with swing voters and said he feared Republicans would run on a social issues platform like life, something he claims is unpopular with the general electorate. 

He described the future of FreedomWorks as an entity that will forge bipartisan consensus on issues like abortion, immigration and entitlement reform, one that would exist just politically right of the centrist groups No Labels and Andrew Yang’s Forward Party.

In other words, a group who is giving up on their core beliefs to try and curry favor with RINOs and leftists, all the while becoming complicit in the mass murder of babies.

Brandon either doesn’t see or doesn’t care that FreedomWorks has now become far worse than an establishment outfit telling the grassroots what to settle for – they’re just sellouts, plain and simple. 

They are becoming more aligned with pro-abortion RINOs like Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) than they are with Pro-Life liberty leaders like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie.

No real Pro-Life, conservative, or libertarian donor should ever give them a dime again.

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