This former pro-abortion male is determined to make a difference and his reason why will bring you to tears

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Men who have lost their babies to abortion generally remain silent and suffer without ever talking about it.

One man is determined to make a difference by helping other men choose life.

And his reason for devoting his life to the preborn will bring you to tears.

David Bangs was just a college student when his pregnant girlfriend decided to abort their baby.

Bangs told Live Action News while he was raised Catholic and knew abortion was wrong – he became panicked at what people would think if they found out his girlfriend was pregnant – and he didn’t have the resources to support a baby – so he gave his approval for her to get an abortion.

Like many abortions, often the fear of wondering how one could support a baby drives them to get an abortion . . . 

. . . not realizing there are people and resources available to help. 

He ended up marrying his girlfriend, and they had three children, but he couldn’t shake the regret he had for agreeing to abort their first child many years ago.

Built up emotional trauma finally explodes

When the horrors of 9/11 happened – it hit Bangs exceptionally hard as he was an airline pilot who lost personal friends. 

Bangs said “It was incredible to realize that an airplane had been used as an instrument of death,” The devastation of lives hit me hard,” Live Action News reported.

He dealt with his grief by throwing himself into work – but nothing could seem to take away the pain.

The anger and depression continued to build – and each time he experienced the birth of his child or death of a loved one he just sobbed.

Finally – he hit his breaking point.

His wife divorced him, and a flood destroyed his home.

“I was a wreck,” Bangs recalled.

He continued “I had lost everything – my home, my family, even my job. I couldn’t pilot an airplane because of the medication I was on to manage my depression.”

God’s redemption breaks through the pain

Bangs finally turned to God and begged him for forgiveness – asking Him to teach Him how to obey and walk in His ways.

He began getting involved in the Pro-Life movement and participated in events like 40 Days for Life.

But it was at a post-abortion retreat at Rachel’s Vineyard that motivated him to do help those, specifically men, who were impacted by the trauma of abortion.

He learned about Project Joeseph which helps men who struggle with the spiritual pain of abortion, and started a local chapter in his area.

Finally, he began to heal as God used his pain for a purpose.

“Abortion intervention and post-abortion healing is now a full-time ministry for me,” Bangs told Live Action News.

“Being complicit in the abortion of my child was by far the worst decision I ever made. Abortion is a destroyer of relationships, of souls and of the most vulnerable, he continued.

Bangs hopes his testimony and ministry will help more men stand up and speak out against abortion and encourage women to choose life. 

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