This Fox News personality just explained why she chose life as a pregnant teenager

Mainstream media personalities are almost always pro-abortion.

And even those that aren’t try to keep their pro-life views to themselves out of fear they will be blacklisted.

But this Fox News personality just explained why she chose life as a pregnant teenager.

Fox News contributor Nicole Saphier, M.D., who is also a board-certified radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, recently went on air and explained why she was happy she chose life.

You don’t have to kill to get to the top

Many women who have an abortion do so because they mistakenly believe having a baby stands in the way of their possible career.

But Saphier is a doctor at one of the top cancer hospitals in America, is a well-respected medical contributor on Fox News, and now an author.

She is living proof you can have a baby, even when in high school, and still land your dream job and be successful in life.

Dr. Saphier tells her heartwarming story in her new book, Love, Mom: Inspiring Stories Celebrating Motherhood

The book features firsthand accounts of motherhood challenges from Dr. Saphier’s friends, including several other Fox News personalities.

Dr. Saphier recalls being a churchgoing, athletic, smart teenager who got good grades but then made a mistake.  

“I became pregnant at the age of 17,” she recently told CBS News. “I was faced with a huge obstacle. Do I continue on with the pregnancy or do I not?”

She said many people in her life urged her to get an abortion.

“A lot of people around me told me that if I continued with the pregnancy that I would never fulfill my dreams of being a doctor,” she said.

She chose life 

But the young teenager made a decision that surprised many.

The future doctor chose life.

“I was very faithful at the time. I used to go to Bible study, Rosary, Teen Mass,” she said. “One of the most heartbreaking things that happened when I found out I was pregnant was that I was asked not to go to Teen Mass anymore.”

Despite that, she said her faith remained strong throughout her pregnancy.

“I was reading my teen Bible a ton during that time, and I was trying to draw strength from my Bible,” she said.

She said it wasn’t easy walking the halls of her high school while she was pregnant. 

“I lost a lot of friends when I made the decision to have the baby. My boyfriend at the time and I also broke up,” she said.

And she gave birth just six weeks before her high school graduation. 

“My parents were holding my newborn son in the stands of my high school graduation,” she said. “He was also at my college graduation, my medical school graduation, and every step along the way.”

Today, when thinking back on her decision to go forward with her pregnancy, Dr. Saphier said, “I’m so glad I did.”

Dr. Saphier said the book is filled with a number of different stories of obstacles women face as mothers.

And she said no matter the problems, the common thread is that the mothers all credit their faith, family, and friends for helping them get through their challenges.  

“So I have people talking about very intimate things like finding their faith through divorce, miscarriages, and losing hope,” she said. “Some deal with some domestic violence.  There’s suicide in there, there’s losing a child, there’s severe mental health issues.” 

“Many of the moms are from Fox, so Ainsley Earhart, Kayleigh McEnany, Jennifer Griffin, Martha MacCallum, many others,” said Dr. Saphier. “But I also included moms that I had met outside of Fox, some of my patients, colleagues, Gold Star moms, and others.”

“You’re not alone. We’re all kind of running around like crazy. But you have to remind yourself that it is such a gift to be a mother and you should thank God every single day that you were blessed to have children.” 

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