This GOP rising star announced support for 94% of abortions

Governor Glenn Youngkin, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Some Republicans have been running scared from the abortion issue lately.

D.C. consultants and Swamp insiders are all but urging complete surrender on abortion!

And now this GOP rising star announced support for 94% of abortions.

There are rumors circulating that Virginia Governor Republican Glenn Youngkin is running for President.

Governor Youngkin pushed early voting hard this year.

Who votes early?

And now we know why.

It had nothing to do with increasing GOP turnout, but rather it was an attempt to get the base out early, before his pro-abortion moves began.

It’s a simple fact, the most likely to vote early are the hardcore base, in Youngkin’s case pro-life voters who have not figured out yet just how bad Youngkin is on the issue.

So he waited until a large part of that base had voted before he released his latest ad.

An ad that lays out just how pro-abortion Glenn Youngkin really is, something he didn’t want the pro-life base to know going into this November’s important Virginia elections.

Virginia Republicans, and especially Youngkin, are trying to keep control of the state House and win back the State Senate this year.

And to do so, Youngkin is trying to win over pro-abortion voters by selling out the lives of children for his own political ambitions.

This would be a complete turn off to pro-life voters so Youngkin is hoping that many of them had already voted before his latest ad hit the airwaves.

A “reasonable” approach

Youngkin says he is going on the attack on abortion by attacking Democrats as extremists who don’t support any restrictions on abortion.

Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia Political Action Committee has launched a more than $1 million ad buy highlighting the issue of abortion.

But the ad is backfiring among the GOP’s base.

That’s because the entire purpose of the ad is to persuade voters Youngkin’s abortion proposal is merely a limit and not a ban.

“It’s not just true – their lies about abortion,” the ad says. “Here’s the truth: there is no ban.”

Republicans, Youngkin’s ad says, are the reasonable ones who back a ban after 15 weeks with exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

Youngkin claims these are “reasonable limits”, but he has pro-life Virginians furious.

The sad fact is, Youngkin’s “reasonable” approach would allow for the continued killing of more than 94% of all babies.

That’s not reasonable, that’s evil.

Glenn Youngkin clearly isn’t ready for primetime.

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