This group was left trembling in fear after a violent mob threatened to “burn the Pro-Lifers”

Photo by Maria Oswalt from Unsplash

A violent mob channeled their hate towards an Italian Pro-Life group in a shocking display of rage.

200 people broke away from a rally and launched an attack against Pro-Lifers . . . 

. . . and Pro-Lifers were left trembling in fear as the mob threatened to murder them. 

A rally gone wrong

In Italy, thousands of people gathered together to acknowledge the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”.

While the group was “gathered for peace” – apparently they only want peace against people they agree with – as a mob of 200 people broke free and unleashed a terrifying attack on the Italian Pro-Life group Pro Vita & Famiglia (Pro-Life and Family).

The Pro-Life headquarters were destroyed with broken windows and Molotov cocktails with violent graffiti threats reading “Free abortion,” “Die, let’s choose free abortion,” and “Let’s burn the pro-lifers,” Live Action News reported.

It’s amazing those advocating against violence somehow think it’s acceptable to attack Pro-Lifers.

The Pro-Life group reports this is the second time their headquarters has been attacked – the first occurring during a pro-LGBT rally. 

A statement from Pro Vita & Famiglia 

The stunned Pro-Life group issued a statement to Facebook describing the horrific attack.

“We are deeply shocked and disturbed by the unprecedented violence of those who today, during the demonstration against all violence, which took place in Rome, surrounded and then attacked our headquarters,” the statement said.

The statement continued “In war gear, demonstrators threw bottles, stones and smoke bombs, tore down shutters, smashed windows with bars, knocked down cameras and various attempts to set fire to the premises, despite the presence of the police.”

Thankfully, Pro-Lifers weren’t present in the office during the attack – but it was still  frightening.

Pro Vita & Famiglia spokesperson Jacopo Coghe said “If they think they can intimidate us with their brutal violence, they are wrong.”

“We will continue to work head-on to promote the value of life,” he continued.

Anti-life protestors are violent and vengeful

Supporters of abortion cannot stand that there are still people and organizations advocating for protecting unborn babies.

Their rage at Pro-Lifers continues to play out as Pro-Life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers continue to be vandalized.

In the United States, Pro-Lifers have even been run over by abortionists themselves.

The hate and violence against Pro-lifers is unacceptable and it must be stopped.

Yet leftist politicians continue to turn a blind eye at what is happening – and instead give backing and protecting to the anti-life crowd.

As the battle for life continues to rage on, the violence against Pro-Lifers is expected to increase, and the Pro-Life movement as a whole must remain vigilant. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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