This heartwarming story of a firefighter’s love for an abandoned baby will bring you to tears

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While some women choose to abort their babies – others give birth and then decide they don’t want to keep their baby.

But one firefighter came across an abandoned baby and decided he needed to act.

And once you hear what he did next you’re bound to be moved to tears. 

A Safe Haven box saves another life 

Thanks to the advocacy of Pro-Lifers – another baby had a chance at life after being surrendered into a Safe Haven Baby Box.

Safe Haven laws allow moms to anonymously give up their babies within a certain time frame after giving birth without fear of prosecution or punishment.

Thankfully, many states have Safe Haven Baby Boxes, which are temperature-controlled boxes placed in monitored locations like fire departments or police stations.

Once a baby is placed in the box – personnel is alerted and the baby is rescued.

And while these rescued babies typically get surrendered to the state and end up in foster care – one firefighter had a different plan.

“We locked eyes and that was it” 

When a Florida firefighter was awoken in the middle of the night during his overnight shift by the Safe Haven Baby Box alarm – at first he didn’t think it was real.

But when he opened the box, he saw a baby girl, wrapped in a pink blanket with a bottle.

The firefighter said “She had a little bottle with her and she was just chilling,” he recalls. “I picked her up and held her. We locked eyes, and that was it. I’ve loved her ever since that moment,” Today reported. 

As it turns out, this firefighter and his wife were struggling for more than a decade to have a baby, and after falling in love with this sweet little abandoned baby girl – his head began racing as he thought about adopting her.

He spoke with his wife, who through tears agreed she was on board.

A miracle from God 

The firefighter surrendered the baby to the hospital with a note stating his family had completed all the classes and were registered to adopt – they just needed a child.

Not knowing what would happen next – they waited anxiously for a few days.

And then the miracle happened.

Within just two days – the little girl – who they named Zoey was adopted into their home.

The firefighter told Today, “The way I found her . . . This was God helping us out.”

He shares his story publicly hoping Zoey’s birthmother will know that Zoey is safe and adopted into a loving home.

What a beautiful story of love!

Safe Haven Baby Boxes are truly saving lives.

While it was likely a difficult decision for Zoey’s birthmother to let her go – her selfless act of love ensured Zoey would have a chance at life.

And one day when she’s older, Zoey is bound to be amazed how her dad not only saved her life – but chose her to be his daughter.

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