This Hulu series made the disgusting claim that getting an abortion is ‘just like taking a nap’

The radical pro-abortion lobby does everything in its power to try and normalize the killing of the pre-born.

And now they’ve taken it to an all-time new low.

Because this Hulu series made the disgusting claim that getting an abortion is ‘just like taking a nap.’

A Hulu TV series made the disgusting claim that getting an abortion is “just like taking a nap.” 

Life & Beth is more like Life & Death

This bizarre and disturbing is the latest example of popular culture promoting the killing of an unborn human being. 

Life & Beth is a dramedy series created by and starring radical leftist Amy Schumer.

The show is distributed on the Hulu streaming service. 

In one of its most recent episodes, the show featured a storyline that included an abortion.

The episode has the character Jess, a friend of Schumer’s character Beth, undergoing an abortion. 

The Media Research Center shared clips of the disturbing episode on its MRCTV blog.

Before the abortion takes place, Jess asks the abortionist if her being sedated to undergo the abortion will be “just like taking a nap.” 

The abortion doctor tells her that, yes, it is before both she and Jess begin singing the Britney Spears song “Toxic” together in the operating room.

While Jess does show some emotion on her face, maybe suggesting that she might be having regrets about her decision to kill her baby, she chooses to go through with the abortion anyway.

An attack on pro-lifers 

The show then portrayed peaceful pro-life protesters outside the abortion clinic as rude and intolerant in an attempt to attack the pro-life cause.

On the show, one protester asked Beth and Jess, “How could you kill your unborn child?” as they walked into the abortion mill accompanied by a clinic escort. 

And after describing abortion as a “sin,” one of the protesters insisted that “nobody will ever love you.” 

The show also, of course, took a swipe at Trump supporters, showing one pro-life protester wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The series also took a shot across the bow of pro-life pregnancy centers, also known as crisis pregnancy centers. 

When the abortionist informed Jess that she intended to perform an ultrasound, Jess asked, “Is this a trick [where] you show me my baby and I change my mind?” 

The abortionist responded by insisting to her that “this is not one of those clinics.” 

Jess said she thought the abortion mill might be “one of those religious places” because the abortionist was wearing a hijab.

Pro-life pregnancy centers have been the subject of derision, violence, arson, and vandalism ever since the leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in 2022, which determined the U.S. Constitution doesn’t contain a right to abortion. 

Following the abortion, Beth suggests that she and Jess go out and get “completely hammered somewhere.” 

Of course, what they don’t show is the pain and mental anguish Jess was sure to suffer as the realization that she killed her own child sets in.

Maybe “getting hammered” was her way of coping.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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