This is the creepy van your parents warned you about and it’s worse than you thought

Children around the country are taught to stay away from strangers offering things.

And for decades children have had images of creepy vans driving through their neighborhoods.

This is the very creepy van your parents warned you about and it’s worse than you thought.

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins just made her final stop in her Spring 2024 “No Abortions, No Exceptions” tour.

Ignoring the real dangers

Not surprisingly, her stop at the University of Pittsburgh brought some interesting mischaracterizations, lies, and media attacks.

It also brought some opportunities to change the hearts and minds of Pitt students.  

But that part of the event was all but ignored by the media.

The Pitt News began their article about Hawkins’ visit by stating, “While Kristan Hawkins was spreading ‘harmful rhetoric’ about reproductive rights…” 

But even as Hawkins’ tabling and speech was taking place, pro-abortion groups were hard at work promoting abortion-on-demand. 

The Pitt News pointed out that the pro-abortion organizations Student Government Board, Planned Parenthood Generation Action at Pitt, the Pitt chapter of Amnesty International, SAFE at Pitt, and the Pittsburgh Abortion Access Network (PAAN) were there spreading their dangerous and radical message of death.  

Readers of Pro-Life Press will recall that PAAN is the very same organization that travels around in a creepy red van with a sign stating: “We Will Aid and Abet Abortion.”

This is that creepy van we were all told to stay away from, only this time they are advertising their message of death.

Plan B, condoms, and baked goods

“I think that we wanted to do something different that maybe hadn’t been done before for the previous speakers,” said PAAN Student Alexa Pierce to The Pitt News. “We just wanted to work with the groups that were down to plan something.” 

While handing out Plan B and condoms isn’t anything new for pro-abortion groups, doing it from the back of a sketchy van, while also selling baked goods is creepy beyond compare.  

It goes without saying that it is irresponsible and dangerous to hand out abortifacients on a public campus where people of all ages are walking around, and children could be present. 

Doing it from the back of the same creepy van we were told to always avoid makes it even worse.

Of course, the media conveniently ignored this. 

Instead, they focused their wrath on Hawkins and her pro-life, pro-family, pro-children activities as if those are somehow dangerous.

It is telling indeed that the mainstream media somehow believes saving lives is a bad thing, while handing out deadly drugs from the back of a creepy van is no problem.

Of course, this is nothing new for the mainstream media who consistently ignores the threats and violence against pro-life activists and leaders.

To the leftist media, it is seemingly perfectly acceptable to threaten, attack, commit crimes against, and even issue death threats on pro-life leaders.

That’s because the mainstream corporate media is all-in on the radical pro-abortion agenda.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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