This leading pro-abortion group wants to rebrand itself after realizing Americans don’t support mass murder on demand

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The upcoming elections in Virginia are being seen as a referendum on abortion-on-demand.

And Democrats and pro-abortion dark money groups are starting to realize their “abortion with no limits” platform is a failure.

That’s why this leading pro-abortion group wants to rebrand itself after realizing Americans don’t support mass murder on demand.

The Virginia legislative races are heating up as early voting has started.

It doesn’t matter how sleazy the candidate is as long as they are pro-abortion

Virginia has been rocked recently by the news that one of the Democrat’s leading state House candidates, Susanna Gibson, performed sex acts in live videos posted on a pornographic website.

Even worse, she asked viewers of her pornography to pay money in return for carrying out specific sex acts.

But Democrats have all but ignored this information and instead of asking her to leave the race, they have rallied around her.

The reason?

Abortion. The Democrats are hell-bent on taking control of the legislature and expanding abortion on demand in the Commonwealth.

In fact, House Democrat Leader Don Scott recently said in a brief interview; “Us regaining the majority is all I’m focused on so that we can make sure we protect women’s reproductive freedom.”

And Delegate Dan Helmer, campaign chair for the House Democrats, said his thoughts were with Gibson’s family while emphasizing that she’s running against an opponent who supports additional restrictions on abortion.

It seems more killing of innocent babies is the only thing on Democrats minds this year.

A funny thing happened on the way

But it turns out a majority of Virginia likely voters, as well as a majority of all Americans nationwide, don’t support abortion with no limits.

And the Democrats and their pro-abortion dark money backers are trying to figure out a way to hide their radical positions on abortion.

That’s why at least one leading pro-abortion group is going to extremes to rebrand itself.

NARAL Pro-Choice America, a major pro-abortion dark money group, announced that it is going so far as to change its name.

They will now be known as simply Reproductive Freedom for All.

They say the rebranding was necessary to better reflect how people think about abortion access.

The groups said this is especially true ever since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year and sent the issue to the states.

“The fight for abortion rights and access is at a critical moment. With the coalition of Americans who support reproductive freedom growing by the day, our leadership identified a clearer and more inclusive path forward to mobilize this new and expanded base of support,” said Mini Timmaraju, president of the group, in a statement.

From “pro-choice” to “reproductive rights”

For decades, pro-abortion groups and activists used the term “pro-choice” while pushing for policies that were radically pro-abortion without any limits.

But shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision last year, pro-abortion radicals have scrambled to try and change their messaging.

And, realizing most Americans oppose unlimited abortion-on-demand, they have settled on the term “reproductive rights.”

This meaningless phrase is seen by the pro-abortionists as a way to hide the fact that their number one goal remains the expansion of the mass murder of babies.

Rebranding and renaming is a classic tool of the radical Left and this is no different.

Now it just remains to be seen if enough voters buy into this charade.

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