This major US city continues to “protect” abortion clinics from those who want to save babies

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Pro-abortion radicals claim that the pro-life advocates who gather at this major abortion clinic are “too loud.” 

These people want the murder of babies to be allowed to continue, while wrongfully painting the pro-life movement as aggressive. 

But this major US city continues to “protect” these abortion clinics from peaceful pro-lifers.

A Chicago City Council committee has given the nod to an ordinance aiming to establish a “quiet zone” outside the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion business on W. Washington Blvd. 

The proposal, spearheaded by Planned Parenthood and local Alderman Bill Conway, seeks to restrict pro-life advocates by banning bullhorns, speakers, and other amplification devices in the vicinity of the facility, citing claims of increasing aggression.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Conway asserted that pro-lifers have become “increasingly aggressive” towards women, alleging incidents of individuals “actively running” towards women while yelling and chanting. 

To address this, the proposed “quiet zone” would prohibit the use of amplification devices on the streets surrounding the abortion facility.

Eric Scheidler, executive director of Pro-Life Action League, clarified that Chicago already has a 50-foot buffer zone around all abortion facilities since 2009. 

Within this zone, individuals must obtain permission to approach within 8 feet of another person. Violations can result in fines, although Scheidler notes that there has been minimal enforcement of this ordinance.

Recent signs regarding the buffer zone appeared outside abortion facilities, causing confusion about whether a new ordinance had been passed. 

Scheidler speculates that these signs are part of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s agenda to enhance abortion access in the city.

Conway’s claims of pro-lifers using amplifiers “right next to the building” were countered by Dr. Allison Cowett, the medical director at FPA, who stated that pro-life activity occurs “8 feet” from the building wall. 

Conway argued that the noise generated, including amplified intimidation, is so intense that it causes the building to shake, making communication difficult for the clinic’s staff.

Scheidler disputes these claims, asserting, “They are lying. There’s no way. If this brick building is shaking from someone using a battery-powered megaphone, then they have building code problems on their hands. They’re lying when they say they can’t hear themselves inside the building. There’s just no way that that’s true.”

Contrary to reports of pro-life activists allegedly harassing women, Scheidler highlighted the compassionate approach of many pro-life individuals who provide support to women individually or in small groups outside FPA. 

However, abortion supporters claim the presence of at least 20 pro-lifers on Saturdays.

The increased numbers may be attributed to the involvement of Cities4Life, an organization founded by long-time pro-life activist Flip Benham, which merged with Love Life in 2020. 

Conducting sidewalk counseling, church services on Sundays, and prayer walks on Saturdays outside abortion facilities, Love Life views these spaces as “mission fields.” 

This expansion may have contributed to larger-than-average gatherings of pro-life advocates outside FPA.

The “quiet zone” ordinance, having gained committee approval, will advance to the full city council for consideration. 

If endorsed, designated noise-sensitive zones around FPA will be marked with signs, and violators could face fines ranging from $300 for the first offense to $1,000 for the third and subsequent offenses within a year.

As the proposed ordinance moves forward, concerns about potential threats to free speech rights emerge, prompting pro-life Americans to question the balance between advocating for life and protecting constitutional liberties.

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