This National Right to Life Affiliate just fired its communications director for being a Christian

Photo by Patricia McCarty from Pexels

The National Right to Life Committee has long been known as an access-based organization.

They have a long history of selling out babies’ lives in order to befriend politicians.

Now this National Right to Life Affiliate just fired its communications director for being a Christian.

Catering to a Congressman’s wife instead of saving babies

An Ohio pro-life group recently fired its communications director.

While organizations certainly have the right to make their own staff decisions, in this case it points out National Right to Life’s ongoing hypocrisy.

The firing was done shortly after a Jewish Republican Congressman whose wife sits on the organization’s board criticized the staffer for tweeting “there is no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone.”

In other words, she was fired for professing her Christian faith to appease a Congressman.

Elizabeth Marbach, the now former communications director of Ohio Right to Life, became the center of a national media frenzy after Congressman Max Miller (R-OH) criticized her post on X. 

Miller, who happens to be Jewish, called the tweet “one of the most bigoted” tweets he had ever seen.

This is despite the fact Marbach’s Tweet is simply a mainstream belief of Christianity. 

Miller’s wife, Emily Moreno Miller, serves as a board member of Ohio Right to Life, an affiliate of the access-based National Right to Life Committee. 

No regrets

Marbach told The Sentinel in a statement that she was let go from her position with Ohio Right to Life. 

Internal communications reviewed by the newspaper suggest Marbach was given the opportunity to resign but she declined. 

The self-described pro-life group is trying to claim that Marbach wasn’t terminated because of “any single event.” 

“Ohio Right to Life can confirm that Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Marbach is no longer employed at Ohio Right to Life,” Ohio Right to Life CEO Peter Range wrote in a statement. 

“This decision was not based on any single event as some on social media claim. We appreciate Lizzie’s service and wish her the best in future endeavors.”

For her part, Marbach, a former Trump campaign and Ohio Republican Party staff member, told the newspaper she “absolutely” does not regret her social media post because “now millions have read the gospel message.” 

She said she hoped God would use the situation to “bring glory and honor to his name.”

“Preborn lives are being slaughtered every day, and Ohio Right to Life is one of the few organizations in a position to stop it,” she said. “I hope and pray that they would prioritize abolishing abortion in Ohio going forward and not be distracted by politics.”

The dismissal reportedly came after a senior Ohio Right to Life member also expressed concerns about the tone of a tweet Marbach published on August 10.

That tweet was in response to an abortion advocate’s tweet about a state constitutional amendment that will allow for unregulated abortions in Ohio.

In her response Marbach called the abortion proponent a “murderous liar.” 

An attack and an apology

Marbach says she did not expect Miller’s response calling her post “bigoted.”

Miller wrote in a follow up tweet – “God says that Jewish people are the chosen ones, but yet you say we have no hope. Thanks for your pearl of wisdom today.”

In response to Miller’s post, Marbach quoted John 14:6: “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”

Miller later apologized to Marbach, writing, “I posted something earlier that conveyed a message I did not intend. I will not try to hide my mistake or run from it. I sincerely apologize to Lizzie and to everyone who read my post.”

The Republican Congressman’s wife tweeted on the same day that her husband was wrong to tell Marbach to “stand down” from her religious views. 

However, the board member argued that asking Jewish people to “back down” from their faith was also wrong. 

“And we never will,” she wrote. 

Clearly, since shortly after the exchange Marbach was fired, it seems the only thing Ohio Right to Life actually backs down from is saving babies.

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