This new company wants to make getting an abortion like a day at the spa

Photo by Karl Cossio, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Abortion supporters have long advocated that abortion is “healthcare,” but now they’re taking it even further.

Gone are the days of safe, legal, and rare.

And now this new company wants to make getting an abortion like a day at the spa.

In a shocking turn of events, the company Carafem, notorious for its ‘spa-like’ abortion facilities, has announced a partnership with the now-closed virtual abortion pill dispensary Choix, Inc. 

This unsettling alliance raises eyebrows, especially among pro-lifers, who are questioning the motives behind such a collaboration.

Choix, the first telehealth clinic offering asynchronous abortion care in California, decided to cease virtual operations, citing the challenges of costly marketing. 

The October 2023 press release expressed Choix’s delight in partnering with Carafem, with the latter offering a referral to a “trusted reproductive healthcare provider.”

Melissa Grant, Chief Operating Officer of FemHealth USA/Carafem, expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with Choix, emphasizing their shared commitment to delivering “exceptional reproductive healthcare.”

However, beneath the surface, there are deeper connections and concerns that demand scrutiny.

Carafem, a public face of FemHealth USA, Inc., is the U.S. division of DKT International, a global abortion pill company funded by none other than Bill Gates. 

DKT International distributed a staggering 6.1 million abortion pill combi-packs in 2023. 

The ties between Carafem and Bill Gates raise questions about the true agenda behind such partnerships.

Furthermore, DKT International faced scrutiny when allegations surfaced about potentially “shoddy” abortion drugs manufactured by Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a Delhi-based company. 

While denied by DKT leadership, these allegations highlight the potential risks associated with such widespread distribution of abortion pills.

The founding of DKT International in 1989 by Philip Harvey, who funded the organization through the sale of pornographic films and sex toys, adds a layer of controversy. 

DKT’s CEO, Christopher H. Purdy, also serves as the president of FemHealth USA (Carafem), indicating a close relationship between the entities.

Carafem’s latest annual report boasts DKT International as a major donor, showcasing the financial ties between the two organizations. 

Both Carafem and DKT International are linked to some of the wealthiest abortion philanthropists globally, including the Buffett, Packard, Hewlett, and Gates Foundations.

Examining Carafem’s client base reveals a majority of African American and white clients, with most having a college or high school education and generally being in their twenties. 

This demographic insight prompts questions about the target audience and the impact of Carafem’s services on vulnerable communities.

The leadership of Carafem includes individuals with ties to Planned Parenthood, raising concerns about the alignment of values and objectives. 

Melissa Grant, the COO of FemHealth USA/Carafem, sits on the board of the National Abortion Federation (NAF), further highlighting the interconnected web of abortion providers.

The revenue structure of Carafem reveals a significant dependence on both clients and grant funding. 

The abortion chain’s donors include various foundations such as the Hewlett Foundation, the Packard Foundation, and the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee, among others.

Pro-life Americans must scrutinize such partnerships and connections, recognizing the potential implications for the sanctity of life and the moral fabric of society. 

The intertwining of abortion providers with influential foundations and billionaires raises concerns about the true motives behind these collaborations.

Abortion advocates claim it’s all about “choice,” when really, these many connections prove the true impetus is money.

As Carafem expands its reach and influence, pro-life advocates must remain vigilant, seeking to protect the values they hold dear. 

The partnership with Choix serves as a stark reminder that the fight for the sanctity of life is ongoing, and every alliance between abortion providers demands scrutiny and public awareness.

In the pursuit of truth and moral values, pro-life Americans must stand firm against the tide of alliances that could compromise the very principles they hold dear. 

The battle for life continues, and staying informed is the first step toward preserving the sanctity of every human life. 

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