This new worldwide trend is violating the free speech of Pro-Lifers everywhere

Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Abortion advocates demand the “right” to kill unborn babies everywhere and anywhere – and they are vocal about fighting for abortion.

Yet they are determined to silence Pro-Lifers – hoping they’ll give up and go away.

And a new worldwide trend is gaining traction and violating the free speech rights of Pro-Lifers – and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

“Safe Access Zones”

The abortion lobby wants to hurry women into their death chambers before they have a chance to change their minds and choose life.

They don’t want peaceful Pro-Lifers praying with them, or even providing alternate life-saving options to pregnant moms to keep their babies.

Despite vandalism and death threats to crisis pregnancy centers – Pro-Lifers aren’t going away.

So now the abortion lobby is working with radical pro-abortion politicians to legislate abortion “safe zones”.

The never-ending “buffer zone”

In Scotland, the Abortion Services Safe Access Zones was introduced which would provide 656ft of “safe access” for women to kill their babies.

Meaning – Pro-Lifers are not allowed to stand in the zone – and if they do the bill allows for an “unlimited maximum fine.”

Even more troubling, the deadly bill grants authority to the health board to “extend the size of the zone” . . .

. . . further infringing on the peaceful right of Pro-Lifers to gather.

Arrested for prayer

While such a bill seems extreme – all over the United Kingdom Pro-Lifers have been punished – even arrested for silently praying.

It’s unconscionable!

Pro-aborts can have their rabid campaigns and protests – yet Pro-Lifers can’t even peacefully gather to pray – out loud or in silence.

If a Pro-Lifer even approaches a woman and asks her if she’d reconsider her abortion they could be penalized.

And it’s not just happening overseas.

Pro-abortion politicians in America are working to create “quiet zones” to keep Pro-Lifers away from abortion centers.

In Chicago, Live Action reported there is already a “bubble zone” which bans Pro-Life sidewalk counselors to come within 8 feet of any person standing 50 feet outside an abortion center.

But Chicago Alderman Bill Coneway wanted to take things even further and have “quiet zones” outside of abortion centers to ban Pro-Lifers from playing worship songs or prayers.

Pro-Lifers must not give an inch

The Pro-Life movement must continue to hold the line and fight for their right to publicly speak out for life.

By giving the abortion lobby any agreement to “compromise” – it’s setting up a dangerous slippery slope for generations to come.

The abortion lobby will try every means necessary to silence Pro-Lifers – even using law enforcement or government thugs to carry out their wicked agenda.

But if Pro-Lifers stand strong and continue to walk in God’s truth that every baby is valuable and has the right to be born . . .

. . . and elect politicians who believe the same – the abortion tide sweeping our world will one day be destroyed.

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