This Planned Parenthood CEO is allowing the unthinkable to occur by siding with human traffickers

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Planned Parenthood execs are so determined to slay unborn babies they’ll throw pregnant women under the bus . . .

 . . . even vulnerable pregnant teens. 

And a new Planned Parenthood CEO has such a hatred of parents she’s willing to side with human traffickers and allow the unthinkable.

Sexual predators love keeping parents in the dark

Sexual predators thrive in secrecy and darkness.

And as they abuse young girls, part of their strategy includes keeping parents in the dark.

Human traffickers know a concerned parent who intervenes could blow up their entire operation – so they teach teens to lie to their own parents and keep secrets.

And when a young teen gets pregnant and heads to Planned Parenthood – instead of promptly alerting her parents, Planned Parenthood uses the same playbook as sexual predators and often keeps the pregnancy and abortion a secret. 

Sadly, once the young teen gets an abortion, she’s back to the streets where she is further victimized and traumatized by her perpetrator. 

New CEO of Planned Parenthood is even more extreme

Dominque Lee is the new president and CEO of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, and if it is up to her, parental notification will be forever banned.

During a shocking interview, Lee claimed “restrictive laws” were preventing abortions, and that her number one priority was “making abortion more accessible.” 

“The parental consent requirement was reduced from age 18 to 16, but even 16 is still too high,” Lee told WBUR.

She continued “There’s no evidence that it’s medically necessary. On average, it just delays care anywhere from five to 21 days. That’s really critical when someone is deciding what options they have to choose, whether that’s medication abortion through the pill method or in-clinic surgical abortion.”

Lee’s callous remarks indicate she thinks a 16-year-old girl should be able to kill her baby without even notifying her parents.

Instead of encouraging pregnant teens to turn to their parents, Lee creates division.

Planned Parenthood and human traffickers 

Not only are young girls in danger of being exploited by sexual predators, but they face additional trouble should they enter through the doors of abortion giants like Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has the incredible chance to intervene and save young girls from their predators . . . 

. . . but instead they choose to focus on simply helping young girls kill their babies – skirting the law however they can.

The new CEO of Planned Parenthood in Massachusetts might actually think she’s “helping” young girls – but in addition to the blood of unborn babies – she’ll have the blood of all the teen girls she will endanger by pushing her radical policies.  

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