This politician shocked everyone when he used his mother’s heartbreaking story to advocate for abortion-on-demand with no limits

Politicians will say and do a lot of things to win an election.

It’s not unusual to see someone compromise on core issues all so they can say they’re an elected official.

But this politician shocked everyone when he used his mother’s heartbreaking story to advocate for abortion-on-demand with no limits.

In a stunning example of the pro-abortion agenda’s willingness to exploit personal tragedy for political gain, New York politician John Mannion is using his mother’s heartbreaking experience to advocate for the restoration of Roe v. Wade

And what’s more, he’s confusing a key abortion fact in the process. 

Democratic politicians seem to need science classes. 

Mannion’s new campaign ad claims, “She lost her pregnancy at seven months. That was before Roe vs. Wade, so she was forced to carry the fetus for another two months and deliver a stillborn baby.”

However, Anne LeBlanc from New York State Right to Life counters this narrative with a dose of reality. 

She states unequivocally, “If his mother is telling the truth, then his mother needed a better doctor. If his claim is not true, then he’s being disingenuous.”

“Doctors have always been able to take care of miscarriages — always. There has never been any law on the books anywhere that says anything about forbidding the removal of a dead child. Abortion is only concerned with live babies who are being killed in the process.”

LeBlanc’s rebuttal exposes a critical flaw in Mannion’s argument. 

Miscarriages and stillbirths have always been medically managed, regardless of abortion laws. 

The pro-life stance does not inhibit doctors from providing necessary care in these tragic situations. 

Misleading the public by suggesting otherwise is not only dishonest but also deeply manipulative.

Mannion’s ad comes at a critical time as the Democratic Primary for New York’s 22nd Congressional District approaches on June 25th. 

This tactic seems to be a calculated move to appeal to voters by invoking emotional and personal stories that, upon closer inspection, do not hold up to scrutiny. 

It’s a classic example of the pro-abortion lobby using scare tactics and misinformation to sway public opinion.

The reality is, New York is among the states with the most permissive abortion laws in the country. 

Unlike the 25 states with strong gestational limits on abortion, New York allows for very few restrictions. 

These pro-abortion states argue for unrestricted access to abortion under the guise of women’s health, yet they fail to acknowledge that pro-life laws still allow for medical interventions in life-threatening situations, including miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.

LeBlanc emphasizes that these pro-life laws do not, in any way, justify a doctor’s refusal to treat a woman carrying a stillborn baby. 

The narrative that pro-life laws prevent doctors from providing necessary care in such situations is not only false, but dangerously misleading.

The pro-life movement is fundamentally about protecting the lives of the unborn while ensuring that mothers receive the care they need. 

Miscarriage management, treatment for ectopic pregnancies, and medical interventions when the mother’s life is at risk have always been permitted and will continue to be under pro-life legislation.

As the debate over abortion continues to rage, it is crucial to separate fact from fiction. 

Politicians like John Mannion, who use emotionally charged but misleading stories, are not contributing to an honest conversation. 

Instead, they are sowing fear and confusion for political gain.

Anne LeBlanc’s firm stance sheds light on the truth: pro-life laws are designed to protect both unborn children and their mothers. 

There is no historical or legal basis for the claim that women have been denied necessary medical care for stillbirths or miscarriages due to pro-life legislation. 

It’s time for the pro-abortion camp to stop using scare tactics and start engaging in honest, fact-based discussions.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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